One Last Time

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We Have The Technology
Dana: "That's cool, nice talk. Bye!"
Brody: "I really need a little more. I'm shipping out again and probably will die."
Dana: "It's always so fun when you visit."

"Listen up. I get that you wanted to settle things with me and go ... wherever ... with a clear head, but what you didn't even consider, as usual, was whether I would welcome it. You didn't take my welfare into consideration. A thing that you have been doing since I was very small.

"I know that you have problems in your head where you can't consider other people's situations so I will lay it out for you. I was the girl with no father. People felt sorry for me and I felt like I was missing something that everybody else had, and if you were home I would be whole. Then you came home and you were a violent monster. You looked at me like you wanted to eat me, like you could get something back that you'd lost. Also not me, also just a story about me.

"Chris, you treated like he didn't exist. Because he didn't. So now I'm your daughter and your son. You tricked me into thinking we were the same, that we were on a team against Mom. You made me hate her. I fuckin' still hate her. And that's on you.

"Then your girlfriend calls me and tells me I have to stop fucking World War Three. It's on me to talk you down. So I did it. And then I was the Senator's daughter, and I was still sticking up for you. I carried all of you bastards on my back. And then you died, again, and you betrayed your country, again, and even if you're saying it's not true now, well, tell that to the scars on my fucking wrists.

"The second you leave I am going to break down, because even right now I am horrified by what I am saying to you. I want to climb you, like a little girl, and put my arms around your neck. I want to lock you in the bathroom of this motel room so you never leave again. And that makes me fucking sick. You are what is wrong with me. That part has been true the whole time. I don't mean it to hurt you, or to shift blame off myself. It is a simple fact.

"So here's the deal. You tell me what you need me to say, in order to make your peace, and I will say it. But I can't come up with it on my own, because I'm not a fucking spy like everybody else. I can't pretend to be anything other than Dana Lazaro, and I shouldn't have to. I never should have had to. So you write it down and I will say it. Because I won't be a liability, you don't deserve that. But I won't be a motherfucking asset, either, and you can go ahead and pass that on to Carrie, too. Lose my number, both of you. Give me that."

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