One Last Time

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We Have The Technology
Saul: "No, he needs to go cold turkey or else my insane plan won't work."
Bashful: "What if it kills him?"
Saul: "It won't!"
Dopey: "Due to his strength of spirit?"
Saul: "No, due to that is what dwarves are for. Now go do some pushups or something."


Lockhart: "What's up, girlfriend? What's crackalackin'?"
Carrie: "..."
Lockhart: "They say you'll be up and around soon! No headstands, though!"
Carrie: "..."
Lockhart: "And probably no leaving. Did you know you have armed guards?"
Carrie: "..."
Lockhart: "Spies are so fucking fucked up. No matter what they put you through, you always close ranks. You're a casualty of Agency gunfire, lying here basically a prisoner, and somehow I'm still the enemy?"
Carrie: "..."
Lockhart: "And PS, did you know the CIA charter doesn't include operations on US soil? I just learned that, like, today."
Carrie: "Honey I am so fucking high on painkillers right now you could tell me literally anything about yourself and I still wouldn't know who the fuck you are. Okay?"

Lockhart: "You're obviously lying, but fine. Listen, you need a friend."
Carrie: "I can't even spell what that word is you just said."
Lockhart: "Even if you have been brainwashed to the point of not holding Saul Berenson responsible for this, allow me to be angry on your behalf."
Carrie: "Ugh, you are so basic. You are two thousand and late."
Lockhart: "So tell me why he's in Caracas."
Carrie: "The fuck you say?"
Lockhart: "Sobered you up real fuckin' quick, huh?"


Dar Adal: "Was that a Carrie voicemail? Was it totally chill and rational?"
Saul: "Of course! LOL. But apparently Lockhart just visited and told her about Caracas?"
Dar Adal: "That is literally impossible."
Saul: "So it is, Dar Adal. So it is. Can you get Virgil and Max to sweep our shit real fast?"

So they do that, and meanwhile Nick Brody shits himself and then freaks out because the cold shower water of the dwarves feels like it's burning him. He's a good actor even when he's hard to look at, just normally, but man. Man alive is this terrible to see. And he's getting verbal enough that you clue in also that he has no idea what's going on. The sexy dwarves all have American accents, and he knows from their demeanor and muscle tone that they're military, but you can see how that's still the opposite of comforting.

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