One Last Time

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Grumpy: "Okay so you see him in there, shitting himself and screaming? That's like the next three days. And then seven more before it's all the way out of his system."
Dar Adal: "It's the Spring Equinox! We only have six days."
Happy: "Did you think he would be able to stand up at the end of this? He will be like a bald, destructive kitten."
Dar Adal: "Let's give him Ibogaine. It is a psychoactive from Nigeria that dramatically accelerates the withdrawal process and kills the addiction, with only some constant vomiting and brutal, violent hallucinations."
Doc: "...I mean, at some point you're just bad people."
Saul: "Yeah but does it work?"
Dar Adal: "Trust me when I say it does. And do not ask why. This is a thriller, not a horror movie."

Shortly, Nick has a horrible vision, singing the Marines fight song about the shores of Tripoli directly into the camera at us, and the being joined by Tom Walker, who at least does not have a bullet in his head. He starts to realize that ghosts aren't real and he is going through some kind of MK-ULTRA bullshit right there in real life, which I guess is a sign it's working. When he finally pulls it together enough to kill himself -- slapping at his head like it's full of wasps -- he busts a chair to pieces and starts taking huge chunks out of his needle-marked arms. I mean to say that it is a bad scene in there.

Saul hauls ass to grab him before he's successful, and there are some painful moments where he starts slipping in time -- Saul is Abu Nazir, rules are comfort -- and they finally knock him out, dwarves climbing up the pile of dwarves to stick him with a sedative. And he sleeps, but not well and not for long.


Max and Virgil argue good-naturedly about what to do with their boredom, watching Alain's house and waiting for something to happen. The house in question is, in fact, leased to a shipping consortium out of Tel Aviv, so clearly he's Mossad, so they can't really leave until they have something, and then finally they get him: Alain Bernard, walking to his car, meeting with some people, talking about Caracas and whatnot. Oh, Mira. You do have a type, I guess. Although considering how long she's been in this world I guess it's almost less surprising that she would have a boyfriend in one intelligence service or another.


Saul: "Welcome back to life! Nice try."

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