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Pride & Ego Down
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Carrie was right. Congressman Nicholas Brody was brought in for questioning. Nobody knows where he is.


Carrie stands around, looking very wiggly; inside, Nick taps his foot and stares at the cameras. By the time David gets there, he's fuming.

Estes: "Was this not a surveillance operation?"
Quinn: "Have you ever seen this show? 'If you want to make God laugh, tell Carrie Mathison your plan.'"
Saul: "She says he made her. She barked at him about the ECT thing, and he saw her in there, and so she went upstairs before he could signal anybody."
Quinn: "Which would make sense, if we believe Carrie. Except she's overemotional and reckless."
Estes: "Is it misogynist to refer to Carrie as 'emotional' and 'reckless'?"
Quinn: "This ain't Tumblr, don't overthink it. It's not that bitches are crazy, it's that this particular bitch is a crazy person. Now, get out of my way. I have a Congressman in secret detention what needs stabbin'."

Estes: "Carrie, Quinn is going to question Brody. We have maybe 24 hours before Nazir's people figure out he's been made, and they go to ground or pick somebody new for whatever this season's big op is. Meanwhile, I will go back out into the world and lie to absolutely everybody about absolutely everything for the duration."
Carrie: "With respect, I think I should question him."
Saul: "Clearly that is what's going to happen. Give it about ten minutes, Peanut. And remember that you have no right to be here in the first place."


Brody: "I'm a United States congressman. You can't just kidnap me and shackle me to the fucking floor..."
Quinn: "Wrong. Thanks to Obama and Baby Bush and your buddies in Congress, we can do basically anything we want."
Brody: "Oh, my civil liberties! Oh, the price we pay for the illusion of safety! Oh, the chill of a TSA agent's gloved hand moving up my thigh!"
Quinn: "So like, you understand that we're taping you and everything that happens in here will be used against you in your trial? Your treason trial?"
Brody: (Eventually screams, breaking for the first time, for a lawyer that will never arrive.)

The report says that Brody was captured in 2003 and subjected to five years of profound and constant torture. "Brutally beaten, electricity, isolation..." These are knowns, facts. They aren't the truth.

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