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Pride & Ego Down

Quinn: "Chris is what, twelve? The age you really need a dad to look up to. A role model that, you know, is not a jihadist murderer."
Brody: "I don't even know that kid, first of all, and second of all he's in about five seconds of every episode."

So Quinn abruptly stabs Brody through the hand. Like his day could get worse. Saul runs in there, big ol' bear of a man, and pulls Peter off Nick. Everybody is real tense.

FM 34-52, Chapter Five: At times, a situation will occur in which none of the available interrogators speaks the target language well enough to conduct an interrogation. When this occurs the senior interrogator coordinates with S1/G1 for procurement of native interpreters. The senior interrogator maintains a list of available interpreters. He compares this list with the qualifications of his subordinate interrogators and the information listed on the screening report. Based on this comparison, the senior interrogator can then assign the best qualified interpreter and interrogator.

Carrie: "Put me in, Coach."


Greg Merriles: "Nothing Hinky Going On, Incorporated!"
Jessica: "Is something hinky going on?"
Greg Merriles: "My reply is, No!"
Jessica: "Do you think he would like some chicken noodle soup? I hear that is a thing that people do, bring other people soup."
Greg Merriles: "It's not that kind of flu!"

Greg Merriles: "Estes, Jessica made me. I did not lie so good."
Estes: "Well, I'm sorry that you are in such a tight spot, but maybe you should think about lying better. What part of 'the CIA is doing stuff' do you not understand?"
Greg Merriles: "I am so stressed out! Neither my presence nor my role has been explained thus far and already I am getting it from the scariest people on this entire show!"


"You broke my heart, you know. Was that easy for you? Was that fun? Because of you, I questioned my own sanity. I had myself committed to a mental institution. I lost my job, too. I lost my place in the world. I lost everything."

"Did you even think about me when you went to Estes? Tell me you at least felt a... Pang of regret. A teeny little sliver of guilt."

"You said before that I'm obsessed with you. You really think that?"

"It's a one-way street? You have no feelings for me? Go ahead. I'm a big girl, I can take it. Come on, Brody. Look me in the eye."

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