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Pride & Ego Down

Carrie: "God damn it. Okay, fine. You never wore a bomb... But you did make a suicide tape? That just randomly ended up in Beirut, in a Hezbollah Commander's house? You are drowning in lies."
Brody: "Walden lied too! The drone strike, the..."
Carrie: "And you're not like him. You're not a war criminal, not a monster."

"But Abu Nazir is. His pattern is to target innocent civilians and inflict mass casualties. Kenya 1998, a busy marketplace. Madrid 2004, a packed commuter train. Last spring, a department store in Amsterdam. He doesn't strike soldiers and high-ranking murderers like Walden. He kills wives, and children. Danas and Chrises and Jessicas."

"I know that you think that he was kind to you, that he saved you, but the truth is he systematically pulled you apart, Brody. Piece by piece, until there was nothing left but pain. And then he relieved the pain, and he put you back together again as someone else."

There is no better definition. It's what she's doing now. It what undoes us all, in the end. Love is lions in the desert, ripping you apart. The best you can hope for is that when they put you back together you're better than you were before.

"He gave you a boy to love, and then that other monster, Walden, took that boy away. Between the two of them, they made your life a misery..."

Wouldn't it be a relief to stop lying?

"For instance, if I stopped lying, I could say to you Brody, I want you to leave your wife and children, and be with me."

She laughs, a quick and sharp, an unbelievably beautiful sound. The sound of truth, ringing like a bell. She laughs because it feels good. When you jump like this, gravity goes another way. Living inside your smallness, for just that moment of ecstasy, of revelation, feels very big. Very brave. Ego down. You stick your hand in the lion's mouth, you get the world. He wants to feel that too.

"I said it. I'm still alive. Try it."

He won't. She reminds him that Dana called him, on Carrie's phone, the morning he didn't kill anyone. She needs him to admit it, on the tape. She needs him to admit it. There is a thing going on in there, where the vest is a point of no turning back. First because it's treason and he'll be signing his own death warrant, which is a big thing to be considering. But even bigger, for this man, is the fact that he has chosen one lie, this one lie, to stay afloat. To keep the lions out. 51 cards, he's saying, in this deck.

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