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Carrie's mission to Beirut came close to taking out Abu Nazir, but thanks to a warning from Nick Brody, our characters had to content themselves with just a little less murder than they were planning. At the last second, though, Saul found a hidden SD card containing Brody's suicide note, a long video where he explains what a total terrorist he is. You know, like exactly the kind of thing you really don't want to leave lying around.


Saul's on his way out of Beirut when some sketchy-looking (redundant!) TSA guys pull him aside and shove him in a tiny airless room so they can touch his body and his luggage inappropriately.

Saul: "That briefcase is clearly marked as a diplomatic bag! Do not open it."
Guys: "No, I think we're going to open it."
Saul: "Hey, don't be dicks."
Guys: "Saul Berenson. That's Jewish, huh?"
Saul: "...Oh boy."

Saul: "Due to YOLO and whatever, I'm going to air my theory that a regular Lebanese security official would know better than to screw around with diplomatic carry-ons and such, and therefore you jerks -- like all jerks lately -- are probably Hezbollah."
Guys: "We don't feel like chatting about it."
Saul: "Well, I just hope you don't cut open the false lining and take out an SD card you find there. I sure hope you don't do that."
Guys, doing that: "In your face, Saul Berenson!"

Which, wouldn't that be cheap if this were that kind of show, and they took away the suicide tape seconds after he found it -- in what was already a pretty contrived way, to be honest -- so then it would just be Saul and Carrie sitting around going, "Yep." Yep, last season was totally Carrie getting cocked up and screwed around. Yep, now we both look crazy. Yep, David Estes is kind of the Agamemnon here. And Carrie saying, "You know what we should do is, tell a bunch of people. But do it in a raving, hysterical manner. Like maybe break into some people's houses and become obsessed with them. Or just run around on their lawn."

But on the plane, guess what. That was a dummy SD card in the fake lining, and in fact the real SD card is in a fake compartment of the lock on the outside of the briefcase. So if you ever have to sneak terrorism evidence out of a country where you should not be, past the Hezbollah thugs running airport security, so that you can prove your most brilliant CIA person is not crazy, I suggest you invest in one of those. How handy.

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