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A Real Human Being

You're a great American story that's just beginning.

"What I'm saying is what if, with some of this money, we could set up a place where families could get ready for their veterans coming home? An actual place, where they can learn from other families who have been through... who are still going through it. Because in the end, we're all fighting this war together."

They applaud, forever, as she blushes. She makes him look better, in his absence, than he could have done if he were there. The Waldens knew it the second she took the stage. She doesn't realize it until she's stepped down again.

Mike takes her home, of course.

Mike: "You hardly said a word the whole way. Want to talk about it?"
Jessica, testing: "You coming in for a nightcap?"

He doesn't really trust her, yet. Not that much. Nor himself. Mike's a good guy.

Mike: "You were amazing tonight... Maybe it was just car trouble. You might want to cut him some slack."
Jessica: "Cut him some slack? Hey, guess what. He spent a whole weekend with Carrie Mathison, not that long ago. And she is insane. So yeah, I'm not really interested in cutting any slack. At least, not as much as I am interested in using whatever leverage I've got to get back some of the stuff he keeps taking from me."
Mike: "What I'm hearing is that I've got a shot at fucking you."
Jessica: "Then we're already communicating more clearly than I have done with my husband since he came back from the dead."


They make it nearly to the door before Brody drives up. He menaces Mike hardcore, in that Nick Brody way -- freshly scrubbed in a truckstop shower, still wet -- and manages to imply a few times that Jessica is a whore before Mike finally just gives up trying to be a solid dude and takes off.

Jessica: "So you pretty much tanked the only thing I asked you to do, and now you are all wet. And I am feeling pretty grody about what I just almost did, which cranks everything up several notches."
Brody: "Well, from my end I just wasted the entire day cleaning up after my worst day as a terrorist, snapped a neck, dug a hole in the rain, and came home to my best friend and wife, once again sharing a normal life I can barely even see anymore. So I'm just going to blame you for not keeping a jack in the car. I'm gonna say it like six times, as though it completely absolves me. Because in a real situation, it would."

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