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A Real Human Being

Brody Family: "How come we're all standing around the house in the middle of the day with boners? Haven't we heard of school and/or work?"
Xander: "I graduated last year. My prospects are few."
Dana, verbatim: "Slow day in Congress, Dad?"

Anyway, Nick gets a call from Roya Hammad and heads outside, while the people inside all simultaneously realize that, in the fury of the abortive lovemaking, Jessica and Nick managed to smash a coffee mug Chris made when he was just a baby. So now a shattered coffee mug has officially gotten more screen time than that kid.


Roya: "Nick, don't talk just listen okay? The Tailor in Gettysburg that they keep showing in the Previouslies for no reason, now there's a reason. An email they found in Beirut put him on their radar so you need to move him to a safehouse 60 miles west of his little shop. Nobody else can do it because you are the only one who knows him or has ever met him, and I can't just call him and tell him to move because I'm a little intense -- quote 'I might unnerve him unnecessarily' -- and he's been embedded for like years and probably is going to get rogue and paranoid no matter what happens. So you need to go look him in the eye with those baby blues and weird mouth you've got, and reassure him, and put him in a truck and take him away, and hope he doesn't run off or smash you with a big rock. Is there a problem, Nicholas?"

Nick: "I have a speech at a dinner for wounded veterans tonight in DC that the VP's attending, I'm standing here with a boner and my kid is like ten yards away, I'm married to somebody I hate..."
Roya: "Think of it this way. He's the person who fitted you with your suicide vest. He's the only person who knows what you nearly did that day. Do you want him found and interrogated?"
Nick: "...Man, sometimes being a Congressman and a terrorist is a real hassle. You know that?"


Danny: "Hello, Carrie's Dad. Is she here?"
Dad: "CIA never heard of email?"
Carrie: "Shut up and go make me a sandwich, crazy. Danny, here is that report."
Danny: "Okay, the debrief is at six. It would be earlier, except David Estes is totally freezing you out and it's actually like at three."
Carrie: "Then I'll see you at six!"
Danny: "Carrie, I know that you can't be trusted and you'll never have your job back, but I just wanted to say that you are better than everybody else. Good work out there."

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