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A Real Human Being

Carrie: "As long as I get my job back! See you at six!"


Just like last time, Nick looks like such a fucking terrorist approaching the Tailor's shop he could have bought a Unibomber costume at the Halloween store on his way to Gettysburg.

Brody: "Hey, get your shit and let's go."
Tailor: "This is you reassuring me?"
Brody: "I'm not a very comforting person. I can be a little intense, I realize that about myself. Now pack a bag before the CIA shows up and takes us both out."
Tailor: "Can you give me any more information? Can you comfort me in any way?"
Brody: "They came close to killing our fearless leader in Beirut, and are onto you. I'm taking you to a safehouse."
Tailor: "The way you're saying it makes me feel like you are going to shoot me in the head."
Brody: "To be fair, the way I say most things comes off that way."

Nick spots a random truck outside with a random person inside, and kicks it up another notch.

Tailor: "Put me down! Let me pack a bag! I'm a grown man, not a kitten!"
Brody: "No time for a bag now. I saw a truck. Stop yelling. Stop breathing. Do everything that I say. Or you will die."
Tailor: "Yeah, this is way less stressful than a phone call from a beautiful BBC reporter."


A very distracted Carrie, as the debrief looms and Danny still hasn't texted confirmation, runs through some basics -- "Bob kisses his wife and children goodbye. Bob drives to work in a red car..." -- and when one of them gets her attention and asks what her problem is, there's a big laugh from the group: "No text from boyfriend?"

Carrie: "I only have one boyfriend, and it is Justice. I used to have another one, but I kind of accused him of being in Al-Qaeda during a romantic weekend away. Also he is married and a Congressman and he put me in the booby hatch. So now it's just Justice. And Justice is not returning my motherfucking phone calls."

Her hope, however, is stronger than her fear. You don't want to borrow trouble, you understand, from the future: It can take a lifetime to develop this skill, of just saying to a given anxiety that either A) It's going to happen and there's nothing you can do about it but prepare, or B) It's not going to happen, and you should stop worrying about it over and over as your self comes undone. When your body feels anxiety it's because your mind has time-traveled to the worst possible future, and your body is reacting to a thing that is not actually there.

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