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A Real Human Being

And Carrie knows this, so she's applying Occam's Razor: Danny said he would text confirmation of the debrief at six. Nobody at the CIA has contacted her, therefore there is no reason to presume that anything has changed. All true. But the next bit is where Wired Carrie comes in, and that realism turns into optimism which starts looking like something else, a third thing. A little too bright.


Interminably is how it goes. The safehouse is at the end of what seems like infinite road; like it's approaching a hyperbolic limit. And the more stressed the Tailor gets, the more stressed Nick gets, and like with anything else his responses are not the standard responses, so then he just stresses out the Tailor more, and so on.

Tailor: "What happens when we get there?"
Brody: "I drop you off. You sit there. I forget you exist."
Tailor: "And then what?"
Brody: "Bitch, I don't know. I'm just the Wheel Man."
Tailor: "Great. Because before you were the Wheel Man, you were the Blow Up The Vice President Man. And I can't help but notice..."
Brody: "Stop giving me the side-eye, man. If it wasn't [sic] for me, you'd probably be on your way to Guantanamo by now."
Tailor: "Yeah, you're a real human being and a real hero."
Brody: "I see what you did there. Hey, why don't you tell me your name? That's a classic way to make sure I don't just kill you."
Tailor: "No. Well, okay I will. It's Bassel."
Brody: "Nice to meet you, Bassel. My name is Nick Brody, and I am the craziest."

Boom! Flat tire.


Waltz around the room for tonight's dinner, supervising all the finishing touches.

SLOTUS: "Did you bring his speech, for the teleprompter guys?"
Jessica: "I didn't even think of that! I am such a goddamn rube!"
SLOTUS: "It's fine. Let's just send somebody over to get it at his office."
Jessica: "I just remembered how my husband is completely unreliable. Dang it, he's going to screw this up for me, isn't he?"
SLOTUS: "Jessica, stop being nervous. Your marriage is 'a great American story that's just beginning.' You're a beautiful woman, Nick is so charismatic..."
Jessica: "Here we go with the swinger come-on. I knew it was coming. What's your angle, lady? He likes to watch? I bet he likes to watch. Well, let me tell you that watching me have sex with my husband is the least titillating thing that has ever happened on Showtime."

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