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A Real Human Being


They try to change the tire, but there's no jack in the car, and there's a whole bit where Bassel picks up a giant rock to murder Nick with, and then Nick makes him sit behind the car so he can drive it forward onto an ingenious log that will act as a jack, and they don't really trust each other because guess what, terrorists are not great guys.

Jessica: "Brody! Where is your speech and what is your twenty?"
Brody: "I can't talk right now. For reasons."
Jessica: "How many? Are they lies?"
Brody: "Fifteen, and all of them are lies."
Jessica: "You gotta see these tablecloths!"
Brody: "I don't have time to talk about your stupid tablecloths or your social climbing bullshit right now because I got a terrorist guy with a rock over here. Please shut up."
Jessica: "I would estimate that the ballroom could contain 850-875 people at full capacity, but of course a lot of these veterans are disabled so the tables are a bit bigger than usual, a little taller. How big would you estimate a table would need to be to accommodate..."
Brody: "Shut up shut up shut up"
Jessica: "Listen, I was going to wear this red dress with a giant rosette on the left shoulder but you know, I really look good in pink so I was thinking about wearing pink, Brody do you remember that dress I bought I guess it would be about six months ago now that time that we took Dana to the mall for school shopping and there were those ski pants, remember, and so do you remember that dress because I was trying to describe it to somebody earlier and I'm not sure but would you call that, in your opinion, was the color of that dress more of a dusky rose, or like a..."
Brody: "Shut up shut up shut up I HAVE TO GO."


David's admin Lorraine does not seem too invested or interested in Carrie's nonsense, but she's friendly enough. Carrie's able to sit still for approximately one third of a second before she's up and at 'em. Maybe it's that intuition, maybe not, but either way she zeroes in on the debrief immediately. And how it's going on, even though she isn't there despite being the main star of the whole operation, even though it's only 5:45 and Danny never texted to confirm. The whole drive to Langley she listened to her jazz; she'd catch herself smiling, and shut it down.

Debrief: "...and Abu Nazir's network, which indicates that right now, Iran has mustered all hands on deck to strike us on our own..."

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