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A Real Human Being

She makes it to the elevator before she falls apart. The doors close -- they have to -- before Carrie can lean back, against the wall of the elevator. It's a long way down.


Once the flat's fixed, it's time for gas. Nick instructs Bassel to stay in the car, and he throws up just enough random protests in sequence -- "I need to pee! I need more tobacco!" -- that anybody who's put a three-year-old to bed knows what's about to happen. Kindly enough, Nick gets the guy another pouch of tobacco on the way out -- but Bassel has, of course, since vanished.


Is packing a bag, with her back against the wall, when her Dad finds her. It's clear they've found another way to violate her, to humiliate her, and he's so mad he can't see straight. What he can see, though, is the way she's vibrating. He reminds her once again of the importance of routine, of sleep and schedule, but for once she's with him on that: Yes. In her own bed. The only thing, now, that is hers.


After some chasing, some running, some falling down and standing up, Bassel manages to impale himself on some old jagged fence metal, and Brody spends a fair amount of time trying to keep him alive, because he is decent.

Bassel: "You are gonna need to take me to the hospital."
Brody: "Well, that's not happening."
Bassel: "But I'm going to die!"
Brody: "That is a failure of will, Bassel the Tailor. Sack up."
Bassel: "No like I got a hole most of the way through me, see..."
Brody: "Kill that thought, mister."
Bassel: "Okay, Marine stuff. Got it. Very helpful, this yelling at me."

Jessica: "Brody, are you busy? I feel like chatting some more."
Brody: "I am cradling a terrorist's head to my bosom while he bleeds out from his abdomen. Make it quick."
Jessica: "The VP is on his way to this party and I am wearing a pretty dress..."
Brody: "Right, about that fundraiser. I kind of had a flat."
Jessica: "You're doing this to punish me. For what, I do not know."

Nick is physically unspooling right before our eyes, and Bassel is choking on blood, and it's kind of funny at the same time, and also but he keeps saying things in weird ways where the details don't add up, and the only reason she's not calling bullshit is that she's a little pissed and a lot scared that he's going to ruin this moment for her, and she has no idea how trivial this sounds to him, and he has less idea than he should how maddening his distracted, murderous air is getting, and I think it's about to rain... I don't know, it's hilarious in a way I don't remember this show indulging, but also well darker than most of the things that happen on this show. Maybe because it's also so funny. It's the kind of virtuoso shit where the balance itself is more important than what's even really going on.

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