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The First Mistake
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Saul brought Quinn in on the Big Plan, now having lured Majid Javadi into America to make Carrie a double agent. With Saul's home life -- such as it is -- falling down around him, and his Directorship of the CIA in question, he was still a much cooler customer than Quinn when the time came for Carrie to get kidnapped. While waiting, Carrie helped get Dana home from her ill-advised road trip; now she's on one of her own.


While Carrie does some deep breathing exercises -- again with the yoga -- Quinn and Fara report on her disappearance. Max rolls up late, and Quinn doesn't understand his joke about taking a cab to a CIA safe house because Quinn doesn't understand jokes because Quinn is a person who is also a gun. Max and his new supercrush Fara send Saul some drone footage that underlines Quinn's big takeaway from this brief, which is that Carrie is just gone, probably with a bag on her head somewhere.

Quinn: "...Anyway they drag her into a truckstop outside Germantown and then we lose her. They never even came back for the car."
Fara: "Can we check it for possible identifiers?"
Saul: "Not even if there was a child in there with the windows rolled up. Think like CIA. We don't have any other surveillance stuff? We just lost her?"
Quinn: "I know, right? You look adorable staring into this webcam like this. You look like a Wise Old Owl."
Saul: "I don't trust technology!"

He wrinkles his cute old man nose and grits his teeth at the technology. He could go for some peanut butter straight out of the jar right about now, I think. Just stick those big bear fingers in there and go to town.


Carrie wiggles under the eyes of her two guards as Javadi chatters, on his way back into the room. He is pretty jovial because he is getting a new double agent today; what we don't know is that he is also crazy as fuck, so that might also be contributing to his overall chillness.

Javadi: "So that whole stripping you naked, poking around in your orifices, long drive in a black hood thing. That was pretty rough, probably."
Carrie: "Yeah, but I get it. Since you're a terrorist and everything."
Javadi: "Okay, because I want us to be friends. I want us to trust each other."
Carrie: "LOL."
Javadi: "So to speed that along, let's give you a lie detector test about some shit."

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