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Brody: "For Christ's sake, Carrie. Listen to me. Look at me. Why would I do this?"
Carrie: "I can't see into your fucking soul, Brody!"
Brody: "Yes. You can."

Just like Dana could, this morning. They say you can't ever really know anybody, because it's exactly the kind of horrible thought you can have that makes everything easier. But they're wrong, because at some point that's not enough. You don't just throw up your hands and say nobody can ever be trusted -- even if you know that to be factually true -- because the world would grind to a halt. At some point you have to drop the Prisoner's Dilemma act and just operate with what you've got.

Brody: "It was Nazir who did this. He played us all from the beginning."
Carrie: "How, by letting himself get killed? That's insane!"

He only looked you in the eye, the one time he actually saw you as a person and not a woman, and told you this exact thing. And you called bullshit, then as now because you can't imagine someone believing in anything that strongly. Not even revenge. The only martyrdom Carrie Mathison can buy is one that takes decades, slowly wearing yourself down to nothing: Why save the world, if you're not there to see what you made?

Why even bother having this conversation, with the man who put on a suicide vest?

Brody: "It was always Walden with him, it was always the CIA. Nazir would've died a thousand deaths to make this day happen."

And how does he know that? How indeed.

Carrie puts it together in a new shape. The horror of him, the man she loves, the fact of his madness, the thing she said yesterday was the thing that terrified her: It's the only thing that brings her comfort now. She can believe he didn't do this because she believes he could do this. She might be the world's foremost expert on Abu Nazir and on Nick Brody, but Nick Brody is an expert in terrorism. In martyrdom. It's enough to bring her to her knees.

But she gets back up again. Always going, always moving forward. Because if it took that much to convince her, how much more would it take to convince the world? The parts of it that are left? Saul's last words were that Nick will always be a terrorist. It's time to disappear.


It's been a half hour and people still can't figure out what exactly happened. The Cabinet's basically gone. The largest concentration of power in the world just exploded. All that's left is the President, and he's basically grounded at this point. And you know, as iconic as that one shot of Brody staring at the Capitol is -- how many things it meant, over the course of the first season, every time you looked at it -- there's something even more chilling about the big CIA seal, broken and smoking. I would not have thought I would react to seeing the CIA blown up that way. But I guess as scary as the good guys are, it's still less scary than no guys. Which is how it feels.

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