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Position X, Momentum P

Jessica can't get through to anywhere, it's just like that other day, and then before you know it, agents are at the door. She asks for a warrant, she asks where Brody is; Mike steps up to the plate and locks arms with her, and the agents beg them to just let 'em do their jobs.


Carrie takes him to a storage locker somewhere not great; she can't even work the keys to open it. He's torn between wanting to be helpful and not wanting to agitate her more; he stays quiet and present, while she jangles. Inside there's just a single footlocker, full of cash and identities. It is some impressive spy shit.

Carrie: "A friend, June, will meet us at the border. She'll drive us up to Montreal, where we get onto a fishing boat which takes us up to Newfoundland. From there, we board a freighter which will take us into international waters..."

Brody's amazed. He's never seen her at her best.


A DOD lady approaches Saul with news, leaving out the part where he's now de facto in charge of the entire everything. There's 200 dead, 27 survivors so far, both lists in the triage tent.

Saul: "Wait, what about Carrie Mathison?"
Lady: "Unaccounted for. But she was here, so..."
Saul: "Presumed dead, don't fucking sugarcoat it. And Nick Brody?"
Lady: "Funny story, he... um... Did this."

In a calmer moment maybe he would accept the facts at face value, but he just got back from a relatively uneventful ceremony, into a burning pit full of the bodies of the very few people he actually knows on this planet. Maybe Brody did this, but no way is Carrie dead too.

"Carrie, it's me. I'm looking for you. Please call me back."

But Carrie's busy, with her precious cargo, and too smart for that. She drives him to a guy named Mike, who sets him up with his own fake identity. They were going to burn their lives down, take them apart, see what the world was like. This is weaponized hope, now. The gratitude you feel when you don't have to be afraid anymore because you've run out of options. Always going forward.


Agent: "So he doesn't live here? When did he move out?"
Jessica: "Three days ago. It's weird talking about this, you guys."
Agent: "So but why was he here? To pick up a suit?"
Dana: "You guys, he didn't do this."
Everybody: "It's nice that you love your daddy, but..."

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