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Dana: "I don't, especially. And don't ask me how I know, but trust me when I say I know what he looks like when he's going on a suicide run. And that is not how he was rolling this morning."

There's your transcendent moment. It actually somehow reflects retroactive halo on the Quinn part at the top of the hour: Nobody can know anybody else, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong about this. I am speaking for the dead. Not that it would have convinced anybody in particular, but it's nice to see Dana finally get, like, one square inch of certainty to stand on, after two years of fluttering. Which is, of course, when the news starts playing the suicide video.

"People will say I was broken, I was brainwashed. People will say that I was turned into a terrorist, taught to hate my country. I love my country. What I am is a Marine, like my father before me and his father before him. And as a Marine, I swore an oath to defend the United States of America against enemies both foreign and domestic. My action this day is against such domestic enemies..."

Nice while it lasted, I guess. They're all devastated, even Mike. But Jessica reaches down deep into herself and says the truest, strongest thing:

"We need to see this. All of us."

Three days ago she sat in that driveway and said it would be better if they got a soft landing, if he kept the truth to himself. Fly away to Carrie Mathison, who is somehow big enough to hold onto it all. And she was right, three days ago. And things have been nice, since then. Perhaps there would have been time to grieve and adapt and heal. But with the trucks lining up outside, curled live-feed antennae ready to feed on their hearts, it's best to make the quick hard jump to the real shit. They need to see this, because pretty soon they're all going to need that square inch if they're going to survive. Less p, more x:

"...security team, who I know to be liars and war criminals. Responsible for atrocities they were never held accountable for. This is about justice for 82 children whose deaths were never acknowledged, and whose murder is a stain on the soul of this nation..."

With a complete lack of irony, Al Qaeda proudly tosses this obsolete video out in the world like a bomb, grinning into the camera. Cut off one head, a thousand grow back.

"The demise of Al Qaeda is a myth. For every action, there is a reaction. Just as you lay waste to our nation, we lay waste to yours, God willing. And nothing is too great for God."

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