The Choice

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Carrie: "I do so enjoy our little chats. We should probably stay busy. Let's go on a walk."

Carrie: "This cabin is from my mom's family. My mom disappeared the day I left for college."
Nick: "What a sad story to just tell a person."
Carrie: "Get ready, because I'm about to segue into pointing out that my bipolar mental illness is going to make life unbearable from time to time, just like my dad's did."
Nick: "Uh, you clearly have not been married to Jessica Brody before if you think I can't handle it. They have medicines for this, yes?"
Carrie: "Yeah, I've been on lithium all season, it's why I haven't done anything super weird. Except for like everything I do."
Nick: "Do you think your mom will show up in Season Three?"
Carrie: "Probably. Let's talk about it for a long, long time."


Guard: "I brought you milk, but no emotional relief."
Saul: "I do not like being on this side of the interrogation. It's an entirely different thing to live in a hole like a raccoon, when it is not the hole I have chosen."
Guard: "Stop being freaky and maybe they will let you out."
Saul: "I am not being freaky, I am being right. There is actually a plan to kill Congressman Brody. It is actually happening right now. You are going to feel so dumb later."
Guard: "I feel pretty dumb right now, actually, but I'm in the military so I'm going to keep doing what I'm supposed to be doing, instead of whatever crazy thing you want me to do."


Nick: "Let's joke about how my life has no purpose."
Carrie: "That is a fun joke! Just kidding, it is depressing that you are a national hero and yet also the enemy. Let's instead talk about how we are in love."
Nick: "If I'm not a Congressman show pony, and I can't be in the Marines anymore because of how I'm a terrorist, then my options are limited. I could be a teacher, or build a house. Mostly I would like to be a good person."
Carrie: "The thing is, you actually are a pretty good person. Nobody's the villain of their movie. You even made a decent show of having good reasons for being a terrorist. I wouldn't worry about that so much."

Carrie: "Well, my life also has no purpose, since I can't be in the CIA anymore."
Nick: "How is that true at all? It's like the main thing of this episode but it makes no sense."

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