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Carrie: "It is emotionally true, if not factually true, because I can only be one thing at a time. Either you are my boyfriend, or the CIA is my boyfriend. I cannot be my own boyfriend, like a regular person, or I will lose my shit. Also, Abu Nazir is dead, which has been my main thing for a few years now..."
Nick: "-- Um, like have they even asked you to come be back in the CIA?"
Carrie: "You interrupted me. I mean, that was a very bipolar thing to say, sorry. What I meant to say was, I love the CIA, but I also love..."
Nick: "We are not there yet. I have not even told Mike Faber he can have my family."
Carrie: "...Being with you. That's what I was gonna say, God. Get over yourself."

Nick: "It is very nice in this cabin for five minutes. But the rest of it, I don't know."
Carrie: "It's true. You are a terrorist and I am a nutcase. Which either means we will be happy together forever, our missing pieces filling in each other's horrible holes, or we'll collapse in upon ourselves like a dying star."
Nick: "I promise not to be scared of your mental illness. It's only fair, since you don't seem to mind that I am a terrorist."
Carrie: "That's where you're wrong, mister. I am scared to death of you."
Nick: "Probably we are going to be fine."
Carrie: "Instead of facing the incredibly compromised situation we have put ourselves in, let's have some normal sex."

Quinn: "Do these two ever quit with this? I am getting so bored of not killing this dude."


Nick: "I think probably we're going to be okay."
Carrie: "Good morning! I was thinking the same thing."
Nick: "Well, we're both trustworthy individuals. I bet we're right."

They share an incredibly painful, incredibly lovely moment of considering the concept of happiness and that it's possible to be happy; Carrie goes out for croissants and Nick apologizes to God for waiting this whole time to say prayers, then goes out into a lovely glen on the property with his prayer rug and says his prayers.

Quinn thinks very hard about killing him, since he promised Estes he would do it the second Carrie went into town for croissants and her Latisse prescription, but then doesn't do it. Why not? Because you can see a person's momentum or you can see their position, but never both at the same time. Quinn sees Brody on his knees, praying, and he looks very small. Whether or not he entirely intended to stab Nick through the hand that day, he saw what happened next: He saw Carrie break him apart and put him back together. He was there when Nick freaked out on Roya, and he was there when Carrie fucked his pieces back into human shape.

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