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Estes: "Okay, but I'm going to act petty about it for the rest of my life."
Quinn: "Spoiler alert, that will not be very long. In fact, the whole point of this black-ops storyline turns out to be just this one moment of me realizing who the bad guy is."


Jessica, brushing Dana's hair: "What's up, Brody? You doing okay?"
Brody: "It's nice we can just chat like this. Hey, there's a memorial for Walden later..."
Jessica: "I can't be your date to things anymore, Brody."
Brody: "Uh, no. I just need to come get a suit and I don't want you and the kids there, making it weird."
Jessica: "You have become a much more conscientious husband since leaving me."


Brody is standing outside the bar where Mike is, as he makes this call. Mike's at a bar because Mike's always at a bar. No Lauder. I miss Lauder.

Brody: "Mike, can I buy you a beer? I need to say some things which, in hindsight, will seem a lot more portentous than they actually are."
Mike: "As long as it is a horrible beer that is like the pee of an animal, but watered down until only the slightest urine taste remains."
Brody: "Two Rolling Rocks, please."
Bartender: "Are you positive?"

Mike: "Are you going to yell at me for figuring out that you are a terrorist? Because Estes, the Bear and your girlfriend have all already yelled at me about that."
Nick: "No Mike, actually I just want to say that I love you and that you can have my family. Jessica, Dana, that little boy, they are all your problem now."
Mike: "...Shit. That takes out some of the spice."
Nick: "Did that just sound like me being a suicide bomber? I hope not, because I am actually just being honest with you."
Mike: "Not yet, but it will."


Estes: "Saul, it has come to my attention that you can go now."
Saul: "Oh, because you killed a Congressman? Because you are a jerk?"
Estes: "Actually no, it's because I am not going to kill Nick. I decided that you are right."
Saul: "That sounds unlikely. Did Quinn show up in your bedroom and be amazing?"
Estes: "I am the boss of everything! And I made up this plan all on my own!"
Saul: "Um, okay. Are you still going to ruin my career?"
Estes: "No! Because then you will tell on me! Um, I mean because I say so!"

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