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Like last year, Nick sneaks into the house all by his lonesome. Like last year, Dana's creepin' about and finds him. But unlike last year, he is not putting on a suicide vest and acting skittish. Dana finds a way to complain about this and make everything weird.

Dana: "I am depressed and morose about the state of things. Why are you here?"
Nick: "I am going to a ceremony for Finn Walden's dead father."
Dana: "Will he be there?"
Nick: "Probably. Everyone on the show will be there, and get blown up."
Dana: "Hey, do you remember last year when you were in here putting on a suicide vest?"
Nick: "I kind of do."
Dana: "And then that crazy lady came and told us, and I called you up and told you not to be a terrorist that day?"
Nick: "It's coming back to me now."
Dana: "Because I think she was not being crazy at that moment. Maybe she is not crazy at all, actually. Maybe her being crazy is what keeps her sane."
Nick: "That is a good way to say it. Also, true for many of us. You'll see."

Dana: "So then, were you going to blow up everybody that day?"
Nick: "Well, yes. But I'm cool now."
Dana: "I believe you. But that won't stop me throwing a fit. The world is a vampire and nobody knows anything about anybody. Existentialism arrives early to the privileged and brilliant."
Nick: "I got you a new dad, as per your instructions last week. And you'll eventually calm down once your hormone factory of a teenage body stops telling you true things all the time."
Dana: "We'll see about that. We'll just see."


Carrie: "Bear, you look remarkably dressed up."
Saul: "I have to be in charge of Nazir's burial at sea. Do you want to come?"
Carrie: "No, I have a date."
Saul: "A date, really."
Carrie: "Yes, to the memorial of the Vice President we ran over and forgot to tell anybody."

Saul: "...Anyway, you'll be the youngest Station Chief in the history of the Agency..."
Carrie: "I don't see Estes making that call."
Saul: "He owes me. I don't want to talk about it, but yes, that's why I've been missing for three days while you were off eating croissants."
Carrie: "Speaking of that, I'm not sure I want a promotion in the CIA."

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