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Saul: "Bitch if you say this is about Brody..."
Carrie: "-- No, no! Kind of. Mostly though, remember how my mental illness was this huge secret the first season because I would lose my CIA job?"
Saul: "Not really. Apparently nobody remembers that."
Carrie: "Well, I'm starting to think that was the right call."
Saul: "But you've been on lithium all season! You haven't busted out the magic markers once."
Carrie: "I was thinking that maybe it's time to be a person."
Saul: "This is about Nick Brody! I knew it!"
Carrie: "It is connected to Nick Brody, but it is not because of Nick Brody. We contain multitudes, even contradictions."

Saul, verbatim: "He's a man who put on a suicide vest, Carrie. That's who he is. That's who he always will be."
Carrie: "Don't you tell me who Nick Brody is. I am the world's foremost expert on Nick Brody."
Saul: "And I am the world's foremost expert on Carrie Mathison. You are acting nuts. Do what I say! Be who I say!"
Carrie: "The thing is that I didn't know until lately about the bicycle and how we are all just one thing all the time on this show. And I think maybe I deserve more than that."
Saul: "Or are you just trading the CIA boyfriend for another boyfriend?"
Carrie: "Maybe I am my own boyfriend?"
Saul: "That's crazy talk."

Carrie: "You chased off your hot wife just like this, what you're telling me to do now. You live like a raccoon. At least Peter Quinn looks hot when he does it."
Saul: "Fine, go fuck terrorists. You don't know a goddamned thing. You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known."
Carrie: "That is the nicest and meanest thing you've ever said. But it's not like it's going to echo in my ears, because this entire conversation is something I have had with myself, several times, over the course of many jazz freakouts."
Saul: "Mostly I am blustering because I feel like you're dumping me for a hotter, younger version. At least before we were both obsessive and crazy about the same thing, so I didn't feel like a chump for always letting you do everything. Now, it just feels like I'm getting burnt."
Carrie: "If you'll excuse me, we both have places to be."

They head to their separate memorials: The King and the Terrorist. The two polar sides of the war that never ends. Carrie and Nick, to say goodbye to a monster that killed in the name of freedom. Saul, to do the same. Both of them Nick's masters. Both of them bastards. Both of them imminently replaceable by the machine.

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