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Blood In Blood Out
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Finn and Dana ran over an old lady, blaming it on Obama and her own low self-esteem. Brody finally came around to admitting that his Al-Qaeda handler is a world-reknowned journalist, who is now under total surveillance all the time. Peter Quinn got blowed the fuck up by the Tailor's replacement, who is now also in possession of a Big Box of Something Terrorists Like.


Saul arrested/made friends with Aileen Crazypants, an American sleeper agent whose biography is like a mad mashup of every other character on the show. Their relationship kind of mirrors Nick and Carrie's, even down to the Weekend/road trip they spent together getting into each other's heads.


Roya, she look rough.

Brody: "Oh hey! Check out my cute friendly smile for strangers... Oh, it's you, here on my jogging route, looking rough. Back to my normal intense face. What's going on, famous lady?"
Roya: "Well, since you killed the Tailor and one of our fake-SWAT guys in Gettysburg died, you get to now be even more in charge of stuff. Part of it is your job performance -- we trust you implicitly even though not once in a season and a half have you done anything right, ever -- but largely it is because you are the only American war hero slash Congressman we currently own. One does as one must, and in this case that means putting your brutal incompetence and shattered personality to as much work as possible."
Brody: "Are you sure about that? It doesn't really add up. Also, I am kind of freaked out because of how six Feds are dead. I guess when I became a terrorist and traitor to my country I didn't think about how there might one day be consequences."
Roya: "Anyway, you need to meet El Mysterioso -- and not snap his neck -- and also, whatever the big Nazir Op is for this season, it's going down very soon."
Brody: "Soon like the bombing that knocked Carrie's crazy loose? Or the time I nearly killed the entire government using wear apparel?"
Roya: "If I told you, it would only inform your decisions. Now enjoy your horse fundraiser with Walden, and if he says you swing, you swing. Keep that creep happy."


Guard: "Jacob always said Aileen was shithouse crazy, and nobody believed him, but we have Gitmo'd her into being crazy. She throws feces."
Saul: "What? I found her to be a delightful young woman, that whole time she was lying straight to my face and also was in Al Qaeda."

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