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Blood In Blood Out

Saul: "Yes, here you are. Note that they are made of actual glass, like I am Benjamin Franklin over here."
Aileen: "Did your wife leave you yet?"
Saul: "Yeah, I moved to Lebanon after she moved to Mumbai, which is why I was there at the beginning of the season."
Aileen: "Do you have like a real firm handle on geography? Because Mumbai and Beirut are..."
Saul: "By the time I figured that out, the paperwork had already gone through."
Aileen: "Well, I'm real sorry about all that. I guess it was only a matter of time before your wife noticed that you live like an eight-year-old boy or a raccoon."
Guard: "The attorney general sent us this fax! We had to find our fax machine and plug it in and remember how to work it, but we got the fax! Aileen, you now have a window!"
Aileen: "Oh, great. El Mysterioso, his real name is Mohammed Al Ghamdi. He's been in the States about a year. Last I heard, he lives in Newark, somewhere near Military Park. He's gun crazy! If he sees you coming, he'll shoot you like crazy!"
Saul: "I cannot wait to tell Quinn all of this. His little face will just light up."

Saul leaves Aileen in the conference room and the guard takes away her picnic. But not the spectacles made of real glass, those he does not take away.


I guess the hardest part about being a lie -- even though there's not anything deeper that he's obscuring, so I guess it's not a lie exactly -- I guess the hardest part about being a deconstructed entity would have to be the sheer time you put in. Nick Brody is an animal who has taken the form of a man and crept into the city while everyone was asleep.

That means that every social interaction involves shifting shape in some way, to appear the way the person wants you to appear. And his job, the job of Being Nick Brody All The Time, involves a lot of social interaction. Talking. Smiling. Nodding. Listening. Hearing. Empathizing. All the language. All the languages: The language of a body, of Weird Lady tilting her pelvis forward when she saw the first hint of the scars across his body. You have to remember so much, if you want your disguise to keep working.

Somewhere in the mansion they're all gathered, all the rich old white men that run our world, making their plans. Every one of them wants so many things, from so many people. You have to smile, and nod, and listen. They won't let you just be a beast.

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