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Blood In Blood Out

So while they are up there, Nick Brody has come down to the swimming pool, all alone, in the quiet. The only man on earth, for a second. The only beast. He slips into the water. It is a prayer, but it is also a shout. One animal, wrapped in the arms of the world. In her silence.

Here's the thing Carrie still doesn't get about him, or really about Islam. What brings him to Islam; what makes it the right choice for Nick Brody. It's not that he wants power, it's not that he wants control. It's that he is breaking under those things. The responsibility of being a man, of being a beast -- the power he already has, the control he already wields --is so heavy that it terrifies him. Abu Nazir magnified it until it was all he could see, in that tiny room. He was God in that tiny room. And it burned his hands. And when Nazir took that away again, it was a balm. To just be someone else's beast.


Walden: "I fucking hate our child. I hate your womb that bore it."
Cynthia: "Would that we had drowned it."
Walden: "It seems terrified of me, is that true?"
Cynthia: "You're a psycho, so."
Walden: "Well, Estes is going to cover it up with the po-po, so we're good. Does Brody know yet? He's always doing something annoying."
Cynthia: "Get this, his dumb bitch wife was like, talking about the po-po and lawyers and shit like that. Like this is an episode of Law & Order. Like we're poor people."
Walden: "Did you shut her up, or do we have to kill her?"
Cynthia: "I told her to shut up, I got pretty scary on her. But I don't know. She's pretty dumb. We may have to pop her, down by the vacants."


Jessica: "You know how our daughter is a worthless piece of crap?"
Brody: "Well, I kinda like her but I know what you're talking about."
Jessica: "So she killed a dude, or something. And now Cynthia is being mean to me about it. She says I can't go wading into this with the po-po, because that's not evil enough and we have to be more evil, she says. Does that sound right to you?"
Brody: "We are about to get so fucking naïve and obnoxious on their asses."

Finn has packed his shit and will be taking the towncar far, far away from the shitstorm of lies that is about to unfurl. Dana has no concept whatsoever of what is going on.

Dana: "Finn! I'm sorry if you got grounded."

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