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Blood In Blood Out

Finn: "You know why I tried to date you? Because you're an idiot about this stuff. It's so nice to think that one innocent person exists in Washington that doesn't know what a fixer is or how easily things can disappear."
Dana: "I have a moral problem with whatever you're talking about that I don't actually understand."
Finn: "I know. Your self-righteousness is just one more thing that makes you so loveably stupid. I will miss your pronouncements, I think, most of all."
Dana: "Here are several more."


Um, all the old white men weren't acting old or white enough, so they sent their wimmins to bed and are now crowded into a tiny room drinking white people scotch and smoking white people cigars and acting all stupid and boring like only captains of industry can do.

Old White Guy: "How is your money? Mine is doing just okay."
Old White Guy: "I didn't earn it, I inherited it. Then I paid for a guy to find every tax loophole possible. And yet somehow still I'm so retardely unaware of my own privilege that I can actually have a problem with the estate tax. I'm like, Why shouldn't wealth accumulate to itself unhindered? How else can we retain our hegemony?"
Old White Guy: "I don't like people that aren't like us, very much. More people should be like us, and then I would like them. That would be a lucky break for those guys, to be liked by me."
Old White Guy: "It's so important for me to put my dick in things that I sometimes take a pill to convince my dick that it's wrong about not wanting to be put in everything all the time. It's like a little performance I'm doing, that nobody will ever see or care about."
Old White Guy: "I think it's unfair that other people think things are unfair. I think the word 'racist' is every bit as hateful as actual racist words."
David Estes: "Sometimes I could literally just open fire on you assholes."

Rex Henning gives a long, adoring blowjob/speech about Nick Brody that doesn't even give a shit about pretending to be about Walden, but Walden doesn't seem to mind.

Walden: "Can I talk to you for a minute? It's about our disgusting children."
Brody: "Yeah, I think we should act like human beings and report the fact that our children killed a woman and didn't tell anybody for like a week. I think that's pretty clear-cut."
Walden: "But is it though?"

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