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Blood In Blood Out

Aileen, verbatim: "I just spent the day by the window. A whole day. Light, sun, a view... Best last day I could have."
Saul: "You are such a little asshole! I can't believe that your last act on earth is making this all stupid like that."

I mean, mic drop. You gotta give it up for Aileen, that was some quality trolling.

So does the metaphor go all the way? She made him feel good; she apologized for being the person she'd become. Tom Walker just lost his way, Nick said. Just couldn't get himself back together in time, and then he came apart. No pool deep or quiet or still enough; no clearing wide enough or far enough away.

Aileen Margaret Morgan was a beast in the shape of a woman, who crept into the city when our backs were turned. And we kicked her and we beat her and we starved her and we blinded her and then, in the end, we were enraged by the thing she had become. We were shocked, at all the pain she was in. At the shape she'd finally arrived at, when she was done changing shape. At the ugly thing we made.


Dana: "Hey Dad. Heard any good jokes lately?"
Nick: "Let's go."
Dana: "Go where?"
Nick: "Po-po."
Dana: "Oh, thank God. Somebody with a moral compass."
Nick: "Nope. Just don't like feeling jerked around, and this is the one way I can reassert power over everybody that also feels like a good ethical choice."

Walden: "Dear David Estes. Get your boy in line. Love, Da Veep."
Estes: "Dear Walden, I am on it. What is this dude's issue. Love, David."


Quinn: "Hey, ya big old bear. Don't take it so rough. Crazy desperate miserable people do crazy desperate miserable things."
Saul: "Crazy Desperate Miserable People Doing Crazy Desperate Miserable Things is actually the title of this show in certain overseas markets."
Quinn: "Well, do you want me to wrap my arms around you or put my scrunchy little face in your face?"
Saul: "Very much those things. How is Galvez?"
Quinn: "Still dyin'."
Saul: "Even for how grumpy you are, that's a little cold."
Quinn: "Sorry. Actually if he dies I will probably cry for like a day. I love Galvez and I'm just playin' it cool. Whistling in the dark."
Saul: "That is the cutest thing I have ever heard."


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