The Clearing

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Blood In Blood Out

Dana: "Why the fuck is Crazy Carrie hanging out at this very specific po-po?"
Nick: "Oh, do you remember her from the time she went bugshit on our lawn and made you call me so I didn't blow up the government?"
Dana: "Yeah, that day sort of does stick out in my memory."
Nick: "Anyway, I don't know why she's here but I'm going to go yell at her, okay?"
Dana: "That would certainly help."

Nick: "Carrie, I know I made out with you earlier in that clearing and then brutally walked away before we could fully make love, but that is no reason to loiter at the po-po. This is Brody business."
Carrie: "No, this is cease and fucking desist business."
Nick: "What does that mean when you say that?"
Carrie: "If you report this, you'll alienate Walden. And your handler and your cult leader both want you buddied up with him, for nefarious reasons, and therefore your immunity is off if you do this. Po-po is a no-go. Sorry."

Dana: "...What's up, whore?"
Nick: "Get back in the car."
Dana: "Why, so you can talk more to this whore?"
Carrie: "Helllooo Dana, it's me, your Aunt Carrie! We met one time on your lawn. I was going batshit crazy at the time and the po-po actually tackled me, I don't know if you remember that but..."
Dana: "Both of y'all can get to fuck."
Carrie: "Honey, please don't be mad at your Daddy. I realize I'm only your stepmother..."
Nick: "-- No."
Carrie: "I know I'm not your stepmother yet..."
Nick: "-- Still no."
Dana: "Both of you can go to hell. I already know how this ends, with me not walking in there and just crawling inside my guilt like the stinking steaming belly of a tauntaun, and you here with blood on your hands and cheating on mom, and then you become Vice President and we are all bastards, forever. And can I just say, go fuck yourself."

She runs off, all high and mighty, and for lack of anything or anybody better to abuse, the beast that walks like a man starts yelling at Carrie. And she takes it. And the reason she takes is that, while she's not the stepmother yet, she sure as shit knows Dana better than either of her parents. And the disconnect between the things Carrie knows about the Brodys and the things that would occur to them, a lot of stuff can fall into that gap. In fact, it could create the illusion of love itself.

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