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Blood In Blood Out

Carrie: "Get back in bed, you little shit."
Quinn: "No! I flash my penis at you!"
Carrie: "That is so cute I can't stand it."

Quinn: "Why is Roya back talking about Walden, what is it about that guy?"
Carrie: "I don't know. Remember Galvez?"
Quinn: "No, nobody remembers Galvez, he wasn't really a character on this show."
Carrie: "Well, he's about to die."
Quinn: "That's kind of sad, but also kind of not a big deal."

Carrie: "Okay, the box that El Mysterioso took out of the Tailor's shop did not leave any radioactivity behind, so it wasn't a dirty bomb. Kind of a bummer, actually. But we do think now that it is enough C-4 to level an embassy or a synagogue, depending on how shitty Abu Nazir feels like being today."
Quinn: "And the only thing we have going on is that Saul is going to go see that crazy bitch Aileen? That is a clown scenario, bro."
Carrie: "It is a metaphor. He's like the Carrie and Aileen is like the Nick."
Quinn: "And they are sitting in a tree? I better get out of this hospital. Team Quinn ain't for shit without Quinn on the Team."
Carrie: "I was thinking it probably was one of those abdominal gunshot wounds that isn't a huge deal, like they have on TV."
Quinn: "My cute little scrunched-up face will be even more scrunched up this week, though, so that you know I got shot. It's the little things."


Everybody is in a car being driven to the horse farm for their horse farm party. Lots of different cars, so various Brodys and others can have lots of intense conversations in cars.

Chris: "You could really get injured riding a horse."
Nobody: "You have a valid reason for being in this scene, thanks for offering that very relevant warning."
Chris: "Po-po popped Dookie down by the vacants."

Dana: "You know that old lady we killed that I am supposed to be super chill about?"
Finn: "Oh Christ, what now."
Dana: "I went to her funeral. There was like twelve bucks in the collection plate."
Finn: "Oh, can we fix this by throwing money at it? Because I am cool with that."
Dana: "No, I was thinking it would be better if we fuck everything up for everybody and just blab it out, like I am wont to do."

Finn: "Do you realize that my father could easily have you killed? And it would look like an accident? And nobody would even know except me? And I don't care?"

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