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Blood In Blood Out

Anyway, Saul eventually exhausts his bag of manipulative tricks and must resort to having the Attorney General's office call this dickweed and tell him to get all of Aileen's hoops in order. I mean, what she wants on the show is a room with a view, a window, because blah blah, but that's a thematic red herring where you think you're being led to some poetic deal about freedom and then they pull the rug out and you realize the window never meant anything. Nothing means anything. Aileen is a crazy a-hole, Saul is a chump, this show is depressing, the end. It's expertly wrought, how they do it, but there's no way to duplicate the effect in this recap, so: Hoops. Jumping through 'em.


Carrie goes to visit Mike Faber, I guess to get girlfriend points but also because what's scarier than Saul Berenson and David Estes staring at you both at once? Carrie Mathison getting all twitchy, that's what. So that's nice and it's the only thing she really does in this episode, it's a Carrie-lite episode, all she really does is get twitchy with various dudes in various locations. But sadly this is also the part where the perfect acting score that Claire Danes has been working on earning for her entire actual life maybe comes into real peril. The script does Danes a real disservice this week, to be frank. If you can imagine Clai... No, if you can imagine anybody pulling off this line, you let me know.

"There is a terrorist event on the horizon. Nick Brody is essential to our plan for stopping it. So if we weren't clear enough the first time, let me drive it home again. Cease and fucking desist, understood?"

That last line especially does nobody any favors, because it sounds like what a little kid thinks spies talk like. Not even Harrison Ford could pull that off. Not even Rhona Mitra. But a person who will never seem natural or believable saying that horrible line is named Claire Danes. Not even Carrie Mathison, were she real, could pull it off.

Mike: "Oh, I didn't realize it was about terrorism. That wasn't made clear to me dozens of times. But on the other hand, you are scarier than an entire army of Sauls, so."
Carrie: "I am crazy is why."
Mike: "How crazy? Demonstrate it for me."
Carrie: "Okay, how about I am psychic and I know that you and Jessica are in love and that's what's driving this whole thing?"
Mike: "Wow, how did you do that?"
Carrie: "By bugging her house and listening to everything that happened there for about six weeks without sleeping or eating until eventually I lost my goddamn mind. Not important, what's important is that if you play your cards right, we could split them up and then we get to have them. So we're kind of on the same team. The team of ruining a marriage."

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