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Blood In Blood Out

Aileen: "I don't know whether or not to trust you. Or maybe I am just dicking with you. Either way. You can't ever really know people, not really. It's the greatest misery of being alive."
Saul: "I have so missed our little talks."

Not me, brother. She's really appealing, like charismatic; she's great to watch. Which just makes her more offensive for existing. Actually, there's an amazing exchange in this part that I just remembered:

Aileen: "I'm not getting fucked over on this!"
Saul: "No. You're not. You have my word."
(One hundred intense vibes.)
Aileen: "Sorry. I want to trust you..."
Saul: "Then you should."
Aileen: "I'm sorry I've become this person. But I have."

I felt pretty bad for her, for a minute there. I guess I'm just not comfortable with that kind of degradation, I don't like to think of it. I am the opposite of Weird Lady. Being so self-absorbed and finding myself so endlessly fascinating, the idea of losing the self in that way is like, scarier than "Flowers For Algernon" even. My brain just shuts it down before it goes anywhere. But that also means her being that honest -- "I am unlikeable and crazy now; it is sad and embarrassing to be myself" -- I have no defenses for that. Poor gross bitch Aileen. You know? Poor little shit-flinging monster.


Rex Henning: "My name is still that. Do you like horses?"
Brody: "Oh no, I was just staring. I have a huge staring problem."
Rex Henning: "Let me tell you a long rich-people story about a horse. Then I will veer suddenly, take a hard left into the Mekong Delta, and everything will get super weird. That's how 'Nam vets do it."

Brody: "I didn't notice that you were so turned off by Weird Lady."
Rex Henning: "They don't get it, and they will never get it. So whatever. I wish classier people would come to my horse parties, but it turns out that the unbelievably wealthy can sometimes act a little entitled. Like, who knew."
Brody: "I like how you blurt true things out and don't even give a shit. It reminds me of my daughter."
Rex Henning: "I think VP Walden is a jackass."
Brody: "See, like that. Also, what?"

Rex Henning: "I am throwing him this party but secretly it is for you. I want you to be the President of 2020."
Brody: "That's hilarious. I will most certainly have been blown to smithereens by then, probably by my own hand. Do not waste your money on me."

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