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Holding herself responsible for 9/11 did CIA operative Carrie Mathison's struggle with her hereditary bipolar disorder few favors, as she created a life of working overtime to keep us safe from further terrorist threats. After an asset on his way to execution warned her that an American soldier (or two) had been turned by terrorist leader Abu Nazir, she set her sights on the recently rescued Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, MIA for seven years. Plagued by the disconnect between her infallible intuition and the evidence as presented, her obsession slid into attraction, and eventually became mutual. Needless to say, finding out the one person he'd formed any connection with was also under the assumption he's a Al-Qaeda spy was pretty hard on Nick... Especially since it's true.

After a bomb knocked her brain loose, Carrie slid off her meds and into the complicated hell of her own beautiful mind -- which gave her the clues to the mystery, but no way to communicate them to anybody else. A last-minute wild-ass visit to Nick's house spurred his daughter Dana into investigating her allegations, which in turn led to Dana talking her dad down from his ultimate mission: Suicide bombing the Vice President. In the wake of this missed chance, and encouraged by his ambitious wife Jessica, Nick has become a Congressman and he's offered to let Abu Nazir hitch a ride on his rising star, working to destroy the US from within.

On her way in the opposite direction, Carrie was fired from the CIA for her mental issues and dumped unceremoniously by Nick (whom she'd come to believe), and she eventually submitted to memory-obliterating EC therapy in a last-ditch attempt to get some control. Unluckily, her last thought was of proof that the whole thing was true all along: Nick's motivation for coming after the US government was his indoctrination at Abu Nazir's hands which brought him eventually into the Nazir household, and thence to a close personal relationship with Nazir's young son, who was killed in an American drone strike -- and whose name Nick still screams in his sleep.


Israel has copped to bombing five nuclear sites deep inside Iran, which killed at least 3000 people (according to Iran) and has caused the inevitable demonstrations outside various US embassies.

Maggie: "Dad, turn that off. You know how Carrie gets about international policy and bombings..."
Dad: "Your sister's in the garden digging up vegetables for lasagna, it's fine. Also, she's aware that the Middle East exists."

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