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Jackknife Juggernaut

Over the rising din, Tad literally goes to this place, and gets a shock:

Tad: "Who do you think you are and what do you know about any of this anyways? What if I told you my dad is undersecretary of state?"
Dana: "Yeah well, what if I told you my dad's a Muslim?"

This still doesn't sit right with me -- shades of Dawn Summers inviting vampires in -- but the fault doesn't lie with the actress, who gives this blurt her best shot. There's a wiggly moment of silence, and Finn steps in, defusing the situation as best he can:

Finn Walden: "Right! And mine's a Scientologist."

Dana feels too dumb to even be grateful. Or she will, when she's less pissed.


Mendez runs Carrie through her story, drilling her on the cover: How to spell "Kate Morrissey," Kate's mother's maiden name, her date and place of birth, hometown hockey team. Over and over and over. It's worth watching because of Carrie's frustration -- like reaching for your gun and finding it's not there; like realizing things are blurry because you don't have your glasses on -- at being less able to do the thing she was always best at.

Mendez: "Want to take a break?"
Carrie, kind of meaning it: "...I think I want to go home."
Mendez: "I understand, and you will be home. In a short 72 hours."
Carrie: "When do I get to see Saul? That's really the next best thing. No offense, Valerie Cruz."
Mendez: "They briefed the shit out of me, lady. I know what I'm working with, and I'm doing a good job at it, so chill. You'll get your instructions once you check into your hotel in Beirut."

Carrie's so exhausted that she can't even bother to hide her disappointment when they set down her non-vegetarian dinner. Mendez is like, "Oh, girl. We'll rustle you up some veggies. Just stop making That Face."


When Nick gets home, Jessica is once again losing her shit on Dana, who has endangered her school career among other very important things. Apparently the Dean called, about her disrupting Morning Meeting, and Jessica would like to have a hysterical family meeting about it.

Dana: "It wasn't a fight-fight, it was just a couple of morons who..."
Jessica: "They are not morons!"
Dana: "Actually, though, they are."

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