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While Mendez is waking Carrie up for her flight into Beirut, several things are going on back at HQ: Brody's walking in with a safe code in his pocket, while Estes is taking a call from Saul before meeting with him.

Estes: "...She seemed okay when I saw her. Prickly, but I mean, that's our Carrie."
Saul: "Yeah, she was okay. In Virginia, in the bosom of her family where her mental state is coddled and cared for. Now she's 6,000 miles away... Mendez isn't entirely sure she's up to it."
Estes: "Mendez doesn't? Or you don't?"
Saul: "Both. I know Carrie's our best shot, but if she fucks up this operation we have nothing else. Can't we, I don't know, push back 24 hours? I'm still waiting on some other contacts."
Estes: "Oh, like your professor couple at the American University? You don't even think they're worthwhile assets, Saul. Don't kid a kidder. I know you're worried about her, so am I. But we got the wife of a Hezbollah commander who says she has intel about an attack against America. I mean... You have an hour. When the door opens, I need you to walk Carrie through it."

Oh my God stop talking about it and just cut to the part where Saul gives Carrie a hug. Jesus. You know that's literally all we want. Nobody is safe until that happens.

Estes: "The VP thing seems really likely to me, if you're wondering what other people think."
Brody: "You are buds, correct? Tell the people at home, it's important."
Estes: "Yes. He used to run the Agency, and got me this job. Pulled me off a Division desk to help him run the drone program [needless to say, a little twitch here from Nick] back when we only had eight Predators over Baghdad..."
Brody: "How many now?"
Estes: "I don't know, like eight or nine thousand."
Brody: "You mean you don't know?"
Estes: "Chill, bro. Al-Qaeda's been gutted because of those drones. Bottom line."
Brody: "Truer words."

Estes's assistant pulls him out before they can start. Seems a reporter's there for a story she's filing live, tonight, and needs Estes immediately. Just him, see. And not in his office, either.


Roya: "Deputy Director, can you confirm or deny reports that only four of the targeted Iranian nuclear facilities were actually destroyed, and that the fifth is still operational?"

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