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Jackknife Juggernaut

Estes: "No, and what? Who says this?"
Roya: "Multiple sources inside the government."
Estes: "Ours or theirs?"

So yeah. Meanwhile, Brody fidgets and the tension mounts like unbearably and finally he gets the codes. Thrilling to watch, not so much to read about. It's nerve-wracking, though.

Roya: "Well, we're breaking the story tonight on World News with or without a statement from the Agency, so..."
Estes: "Or you could sit on this story, because that's not even true. It's almost like you came up with a dummy hot-button revelation to keep me here in this conference room."
Roya: "Or it's close to true, maybe. You could at least help me get it right."
Estes, bouncing: "Not a chance."
Roya, nervous: "-- Uhhh, how about dinner then? Saturday night? Café Milano, I've got a standing reservation for two, at eight o'clock..."

Estes pulls, man. I guess that's what being Deputy Director of the CIA is like. I don't know, my obsessive love of David Petraeus started back when he was just a General, so the CIA thing is like no big deal to me.

On the way back into the office, Estes tells somebody to give her something else so she'll stop fishing, because apparently it's true and there is a real leak. After the usual last-minute heist "oh, I forgot my gum" moment has passed and Nick's back in his chair, Estes returns and they start the brief.


Kate Morrissey is a space cadet, of course, as she's going through Beirut customs in full paranoia, and the whole trip from the airport to the hotel is rife with shaky-cam, whirling fear. But she gets there, just in time for a minor breakdown.

Later, she heads out into the town, chatting with Saul as she walks through the rioting streets to meet him. He talks her down with small-talk, and then when he spots that same tail car it's with a specific air of regret that he realizes things are about to get shitty again. No hugs for Carrie right now.

Carrie: "It's just like old times..."
Saul, softly: "Carrie, listen to me carefully. You need to walk past the café. Do not stop. I've got company. You hear me? There's a safe house on El Ghadin, 2218. I'll meet you there when I lose them. Repeat the address."

She gets it wrong, then right. Walking faster, heart racing, trying to look normal which is like when she looks the least normal. The guys seem agitated, and he thinks maybe they've made her.

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