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Maggie: "Still. Her mental health is very important to me. Because I am a loving sister, but mostly because she is a pain in the ass."
Dad: "Well, I think her lithium levels are too high. When mine were too high I couldn't even read for six months, just fucked around in that stupid garden like your mother used to. Like Carrie currently is."
Maggie: "The difference between me and her doctor, versus you, is that we are doctors."

Carrie: "Hey guys! These vegetables sure are fresh. Listen, I've got some exams to grade before my ESL class I'm teaching, so you go ahead and watch the TV to learn about current events."
Maggie: "Gah! She's like, psychic."

Upstairs, Carrie takes her pills. All of them, all the pills. She looks in the mirror and she does not smile.


Is nuts, you know, like how Beirut is always nuts.

CIA Flack: "Saul, a random pretty lady says she's an asset and knows the codes and she has intel about upcoming American trouble."
Saul: "Somebody here is running her, presumably."
CIA: "No, we don't know who she is. Do you recognize her?"
Saul: "Not at all."
CIA: "Okay, well, you're meeting her at a dead-drop in two hours. Hopefully she will not blow you up or otherwise act tricky. Remember how the last unconfirmed asset we trusted blew himself and five of our dudes up?"
Saul: "Whoa, dark! I feel like I am getting mixed messages here."

Saul: "The important thing is that the Ayatollahs are going crazy because of these bombings and blaming the US, because every time Israel pulls this shit they blame the US. Accurately enough."
CIA: "So you're saying this lady's not a coincidence?"
Saul: "I'm saying it's the opposite of last year, when Abu Nazir's return 'coincided' with Brody's rescue. That was a coincidence. This on the other hand is a lady telling us something we already presume, plus she has details."

They drive through the shitshow of Beirut, eventually picking up a tail. Notably, it's a car Saul's seen before, which causes him to remark on their unprofessional ways. Various ladies stare down from windows and bridges, like always happens. Eventually they get to the dead-drop, where beautiful Fatima loses her nerve the second Saul walks up.

Fatima: "Who, me? I'm not a CIA asset. I'm just naturally sketchy."
Saul: "Lady, driving through Beirut is like the least fun you can have. Don't dick me around."

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