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Jackknife Juggernaut

Carrie: "What do you want?"
CIA: "Hello, Carrie! Why, how are you?"
Carrie: "What do you want."
CIA: "Sorry I didn't visit you in the mental institution after you lost your shit."
Carrie: "It was not that fun actually. What do you want?"
CIA: "Estes needs to see you."
Carrie: "You can tell him to fuck right off. Go away."
CIA: "But it is a very interesting thing that is happening!"
Carrie: "That's what I'm afraid of."

CIA: "What do I tell Estes?"
Carrie: "Tell him he was right. Tell him I never belonged in CIA in the first place."
CIA: "Do you even believe that?"
Carrie: "It is the fucking Red Wheelbarrow right now."


Jessica: "So yeah, he's on the short list. Along with a Senator Laughton, whom we'll be mentioning every five seconds in this episode, but I don't care at this point what happens. Brody's accomplishments, and the reflected social halo I get to enjoy, almost make up for our creepy sex life and the fact that my husband is a lunatic who cheated on me with another lunatic. Anyway, thanks for calling!"

I tend to be pretty hard on Jessica, but for the record: When we talk about the characters we identify with in this story, she's pretty much the only person on this show who I understand or identify with even slightly. I like her, she's complicated and smart, she's been through by my count at least four different kinds of hell, and frankly at this point I, too, would just want to put on a pretty dress, take my kids to Quaker school, and hope I don't wake up with a PTSD hand around my throat.

Son Chris: "Everybody wants to be my friend on Facebook!"
Jessica: "Me too, but in real life!"
Brody, arriving: "What if I was the Vice President?"
Jessica: "I would probably forgive a great deal more of your nonsense than I already do."
Brody: "What about the stress on the family? Of a campaign?"
Jessica: "First of all I don't give a shit. Second of all, you might as well double down on the ludicrous hellride you've already put us through. How much worse could it get?"

Dana: "I'm leaving for an hour or so. Hate you guys."
Jessica: "Where are you going?"
Dana: "Like dinner."
Jessica: "With whom?"

Dana says the kid's name, and Baccarin nails this very specific, evil-stepmother/exhausted mom tone: "Can you speak up, please?" It's one of my favorite moments in the whole episode, just this unnecessary slapdash attempt at parenting that arises out of irritation and desperation to connect, both. Gave me chills from both sides of the equation.

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