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Jessica: "You should go out with more of your new school friends! So their parents will invite me to things, but also so I can feel like we are normal humans."

This, too, I rewound several times: There's an ashamed, hiccupping laugh in the middle of it that just kills:

Dana: "I don't have any friends at my new school. Are you done interrogating me?"

She bounces, Jessica makes it all about her, Brody tells her to lay off, Chris still doesn't matter, and Jessica fires up the litany she usually keeps hidden away:

Brody: "Her attitude sucks? Uh yeah, she's 16?"
Jessica: "When I was 16 I was working two jobs! Saving money for junior college!"
Brody: "Sure. And I was repeating my sophomore year in high school. And which one of us is a national treasure?"
Jessica: "Valid."

They are cute together. They heal things in each other in a way I like. It was so nice last year, seeing her pull away from Mike in a way that seemed less about honor and duty and more about how there is a door in her marked NICK BRODY and she'd locked it up when he died, and now it was opening again. They make sense as a couple in a way that their particular brokenness and the lies and inauthenticities doesn't really come close to harming.


Maggie: "Carrie! It's very hard to micromanage you when you turn off your phone!"
Carrie: "Asked and answered, dear."
Maggie: "Well, Saul Berenson's been calling all afternoon."
Carrie: "Ah. The big guns."

She wakes him up when she calls. It's always so distressing when Saul sleeps sitting up, or eats hot dogs out of the plastic or whatever, like, this is why he needs a wife. Some guys just do. I mean, I loved her and she is awesome and made him look good, yes, but also Saul is five seconds from homeless at all times. He looks on the outside like Carrie -- who could sleep in a gutter and still look like a friggin' supermodel, assuming she doesn't make That Face -- feels on the inside. Feral. Or at least, how she felt before treatment.

Saul: "I am very happy to hear your voice, I hope my tone conveys that. Also, I can't actually say anything about anything, because we are spies on a telephone."
Carrie: "Whatever it is, I'm willing to listen. To you specifically."
Saul: "I hate myself for even asking..."
Carrie: "Can it wait until tomorrow?"

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