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In A Bed By The Waterside
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Previously, Nick Brody knocked the General at the top of the IRGC unconscious with a giant ashtray, and then suffocated him to death. Now, despite the mission having gone so badly that his handlers told the support team to kill him, he's still hoping that Carrie can somehow do her Carrie thing and get him out of Tehran. He makes it all the way to the downstairs door before a tense moment where he realizes he's forgotten to turn in his visitor badge from last week, on which they spent almost as much time focusing our attention as they did the ashtray on the desk, or the fact that Abu Nazir first suggested him for recruitment in that very room up there.

Anyway, he turns in the badge and climbs into the car that'll take him back to his golden cage, knowing the second the General's body is discovered he'll have no choice but to use the gun he stole from the General's desk. There's kind of a funny moment where the secretary -- I think the same grouchy one that hates Javadi -- checks in, doesn't see Akbari in his office, almost ignores it... but then comes back around to check, like "By any chance are you lying on the carpet behind your desk? Oh crap, you are. And dead as hell."

So it is that Brody's car has just been checked through the gates by a very mean man when the yelling starts. He holds the gun to the driver's neck, and forces him to drive and drive. Better get on outta there, Nick Brody! Pretty exciting stuff.


Carrie: "So guess what?"
Saul: "You're naming the baby Saul."
Carrie: "I'm pregnant? That's crazy! No, I was just calling to say that I missed my plane to Geneva..."
Saul: "Peanut, you motherfu..."
Carrie: "It's okay though because guess what? Despite you trying to have my boyfriend literally murdered, he has completed the mission."
Saul: "What are you talking about?"
Carrie: "General Akbari lies dead in his office, from which Brody just called me."
Saul: "Just for the sake of argument, isn't that also what he would say if he had been turned again, or captured, or..."
Carrie: "Does every episode of this entire show have to be about this? Just assume at this point that I am right, instead of presuming that I'm wrong. You will save so much time."

Saul: "Don't dismiss the possibility he's leading security forces to your location right now, and confirm for me you're aware of what happens if you're caught."

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