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In A Bed By The Waterside

"Look. I don't know what happens back home, either. What kind of a life we have, or we don't have, whether it's together or apart. But there will be a life. And I'm not sorry about that. Not for one single second. Because I happen to believe one of the reasons I was put on this Earth was for our paths to cross."

The other main one being, of course, to stop 9/11 through time-travel and elbow grease.

Carrie: "Call me crazy, fuck it. I know I sound crazy..."
Brody: "Nope. It actually sounds like something to hold onto."

She's not wrong. The balls-out, horribly earnest way she's saying it is tough to look at -- that's our Carrie! -- but the truth is that she is right:

The boy who loved America so much he tried to burn it down, and the girl who loved America so much she set fire to herself.


The sound first, and then the light; his head in her lap, sleeping for the first time now that he's home. It only takes Carrie a few seconds to grab her purse and her Brody and run out to meet the choppers, when they come.

It takes even less time for her to realize what's happening, that Majid's men have found them, and tell Brody to run.

On the ground with her hands over her head, as they clap him in irons and drag him away, she's never looked so small. And when she desperately tells them to call Majid Javadi, she only gets smaller when they tell her he's well aware of what's happening here.


Gets the call from her, begging to hear this is all part of the plan, seconds later. Alone at the safe house.

Saul: "Hey Scott Ryan and Dar Adal and Andrew Lockhart, can I ask you what the fuck is happening here?"
They: "You probably already figured it out, but..."
Saul: "You fucking pussies. Who called Javadi? Who recalled the Herat SEALs?"
Lockhart: "POTUS, via me. PS, I have your job now."
Saul: "But we had 210 minutes! It was all going down just fine! He's an American asset! A person! We promised him safe passage..."
Dar Adal: "You're sentimental, because of Carrie. It's kind of cute."
Saul: "I'm sorry, it's a sentimental idea that we are loyal to our own people?"

Dar Adal: "He's an asset, yeah. That goes both ways. Individuals don't come before the mission. The mission objective is to keep Javadi at the IRGC. You're blinded by hope."
Lockhart: "Think about it like, this is your legacy. The Iran thing is you, it's your last thing. And now it will always be the last thing. We are keeping you from hurting yourself."

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