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Dana ran off with literally a homicidal, escaped mental patient. She has not yet noticed that she is being dumb, but she will. Senator Andrew Lockhart, a big jerk, is trying to take down the CIA using the last two seasons of the show, while Fara and Saul are hot on the trail of Majid Javadi now that he's headed into the country to meet with Carrie, who has been turned.


Guard: "So you'll be in the US for three days, that's fun. Did you know you have the same name as an old soccer player?"
Javadi: "Yeah, but I'm in paper products. Not here for soccer. Or certainly terrorism."
Guard: "Are you going to be getting gay married while you're here?"
Javadi: "No, but I am going to get some authentic maple syrup."
Guard: "Those are the main things of Vermont."


Quinn: "Hey, I'm Quinn."
Mira: "That you are, my friend. That you are."

Quinn: "Saul, why are you dressed as a hunter? Is it Halloween this week?"
Saul: "Kind of. I am going duck hunting with the Chief of Staff and half that Senate committee that climbed up my ass two months ago and is only climbing back down out of my ass now to take me duck hunting."
Quinn: "So you totally have to realize you're getting Mean Girled, right?"
Saul: "Raccoons don't have a social structure that allows for cyberbullying."

Mira: "Because I am batting a thousand today, I'm sure that they're going to make his Directorship official. Which will freak him right out, but at least he'll stop whining."

Saul: "Mira, coffee? I need to get super intense and secretive about spy stuff."
Quinn: "Hit me."
Saul: "Okay, you have to follow Carrie, because Iran is following Carrie."
Quinn: "Man, that girl is always gettin' the business."
Saul: "In this case it's because they've turned her."
Quinn: "Not my Carrie! Fuck you."
Saul: "That was this whole season, making them think we'd burned her so they could make her a double agent. Sorry I forgot to tell you but a lot has been going on."
Quinn: "Well it's probably my fault too. Every time I see you discussing financial portfolios with Fara I think about killing myself outta boredom, and I run the other way."

Quinn: "Man, that is cold though! You called her a crazy ho! On TV! And then a month of inpatient care! She was so, so mean to me in there, you have no idea."

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