Tin Man Is Down

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Two months ago, the entire CIA and lots of government bigwigs got blown right up! Who did it? Bad guys. Who's it pinned on? Nick Brody, whose confession video for his derailed suicide-vest adventure was released. 14 hours later, Carrie was back with Saul surveying the 219 victims of the blast, having helped Nick disappear.

We rejoin Carrie at the ongoing Senate hearings about the catastrophe, Saul and Dar Adal are prepping a retaliatory mission, and the Brody household sitting at the center of a whole globe's worth of revulsion.


Oh, Peter Quinn is so sweaty down in this creepy basement bunker! What's he doing with all that sweat on his naked self? Oh, building an IED. Of course. Probably it is just for practice. Probably it is not because he is secretly a terrorist. Although if he is, today is Carrie's lucky day because for sure she will be sleeping with him.


The main players here are Chairman Andrew Lockhart and Majority Counsel David Portillo, who are scary and awesome respectively, and the lawyer representing (Carrie? The CIA?), Erin Kimball. The hearings are closed-door, because everybody's got contacts in the field.

Lockhart: "So lots of witnesses so far have characterized the follow-up as the CIA covering its own ass for negligence and possibly employing crazy people. All of management got blown up, so Saul Berenson is basically in charge, and almost everybody seems to think it would be easier if we got rid of the CIA itself."
Carrie: "That would be a bummer because the CIA is literally the only thing I can do right."
Portillo: "Okay so you worked at the CIA for how long?"
Carrie: "14 years, as a case officer in the National Clandestine Service."
Portillo: "Your resume shows a short break in there, last year?"
Carrie: "That's because I was fired for being super-duper crazy, creeping on a guy's entire family, and nailing secret documents to the wall of my condo. I then scribbled on all of them in different colored markers, after I accidentally got blown up a little bit. Quite a ride, Counselor."

Portillo: "Okay and then in season two you got your job back? For real that happened?"
Carrie: "Yeah, I got reinstated to Team Quinn for an off-book taskforce to catch Abu Nazir."
Portillo: "Why would that, like, ever happen?"
Carrie: "Because I was the Ahab of Abu Nazir. Also because I was instrumental in screwing Nick Brody, both figuratively and literally, into being a double agent."

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