Tin Man Is Down

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Also, one fewer little boy. But it's a good speech nonetheless.

Lockhart: "Weren't they all civilians?"
Saul: "Uh, insofar as terrorists are pretty much always civilians? The legal term would be enemy combatant."
Lockhart: "My point is that they aren't the people that ordered 12/12, exactly."
Saul: "Are you also the head of the Senate Subcommittee for Shitting On Awesome Things? Or do you have a deeper agenda?"
Lockhart: "It just seems cynical to pull off this amazing endeavor right when America needs it most. I think it's really rude of you to make the CIA look good while I'm trying to make it look bad."
Saul: "As long as your entire purpose here -- which you've now pretty much explicitly said -- is to destroy the CIA, I can understand why this would hurt your feelings."

Lockhart: "Which is why we now turn to reports that a CIA agent went off her..."
Saul: "I don't respond to unsubstantiated rumors."
Lockhart: "I mean, somebody literally blew up the building where you work. Would this not fall under that investigation?"
Saul: "The information is... Flawed. It wasn't entirely a CIA matter, what they're talking about."
Lockhart: "Oh, this sounds good. Sounds like Papa Bear wants to play. Come on, hit me."

Carrie, at home: "Hold up, what? What's happening now?"

Saul: "The case officer in question has a history of erratic behavior. She's unstable. Diagnosed as bipolar. A condition she concealed from her superiors for over ten years."
Carrie: "Mother FUCKER. For real?"

Lockhart: "What else did she conceal from you, Mr. Berenson? Did she conceal that she was sleeping with Congressman Brody?"
Carrie: "Oh my God, do not sell me down that river. I cannot be the dumb woman that takes the fall. I hate when they do this. Saul, be better than this. Do not let them blame the whore, that's not what this is about."
Saul: "It was on my watch, Senator. Whatever happens on my watch, I take full responsibility."
Carrie: "Humiliating, but okay."
Lockhart: "That's not what I asked. Did she conceal from you the fact that she was sleeping with Congressman Brody? Under oath, as you are?"
Saul: "Um. Yes."

Which, true. It doesn't have anything to do with anything, but it does make her "this was your operation" thing a little less grounds for complaint. The problem is that it's not the world that is crushing down on Carrie Mathison, just some bullshit getting between her and a victory. And I think she'll bounce back fairly quickly from that one: "Oh, I'm the scapegoat for an entire agency getting blown up and I'm also the scapegoat for the Agency itself? Guess I'll just sleep less, because that's a bunch of bullshit I didn't need on my To-Do List, which only has four things on it."

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