Tin Man Is Down

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Carrie runs off to cry to Saul, leaving Erin Kimball with her crazy person notebook full of her absolutely insane crazy person scribblings that will eventually solve whatever needs solving. Kimball is so exhausted just by the visual of Carrie's intense writings that she slumps off the bench and onto the floor.

Saul: "...The actual memo?"
Carrie: "They put it in my actual hands! Somebody leaked it, Saul..."
Saul: "Okay. But chill, baby. This is exactly what Dar Adal wants."
Carrie: "I feel like I walked into a propeller!"
Saul: "Yeah, but you got through it. Listen, about a thousand people are in this building standing with you. Just ... not literally. Because it is embarrassing."


Leader: "So today we're going to talk about re-entry. As you all know, this is Dana's last day. Dana, tell us about going home, what that's going to look like."
Dana: "I will, um, remember what we've talked about. The tools we've learned."
Leader: "Good job saying exactly what I want you to say. Name the coping strategies you will use."
Dana: "I will take one day at a time. I will meditate. I will schedule. I will ask for help when I need it. I will slow down, so nothing is overwhelming. I will make lists. So many lists."
Leader: "Good, that's a good one."
Dana: "PS, I will not be doing any of these things. I am too awesome for you, and my crazy is too big for coping strategies you got out of a workbook."

Her buddy in treatment is a cutie named Leo, who is played by Sam Underwood, who is just like... Everywhere right now. He looks like American Ed Westwick, which is a good thing. He also has the entitled white person thing down pat, plus great hair.

Jessica: "Well, I guess I'm glad Dana is alive."
Therapist: "She sleeps, she eats, she participates. She is functioning at a certain level."
Jessica: "As long as she stops slitting her wrists all over the house, I guess. How hard do I need to be watching her? Because I think we all know how observant I am."
Therapist: "The daughter carries the emotional burdens of the family. That's why poltergeists. You all need to be in therapy, if you don't want her to implode."
Jessica: "Fat chance. I don't even have insurance, thanks to my husband getting fired for mass murder. My mother reverse-mortgaged her house thanks to this stunt."

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