Tin Man Is Down

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Therapist: "Sounds tough."
Jessica: "Less so for my suicidal daughter, moreso that my mother is annoying."

Therapist: "Well, poor people have access to certain programs too. I mean, what are they going to do, shut down the government?"
Jessica: "I absolutely hate the idea of using the same lifesaving measures as a poor person might use."
Therapist: "Yeah, I saw that coming. Listen, you need to actually hear me, okay? This is your responsibility to manage this. Dana fucked up your bathroom, and your husband is a terrorist, but you are also the bitch that didn't notice any of this shit happening. Okay? You need to actually get right with that."
Jessica: "It sounds like you're saying my daughter's suicide is more than just something bad that happened to me. Which cannot be right."
Therapist: "Do you know how often we see suicides this well-planned and determined and clear-eyed? She wasn't looking for attention, she was looking for oblivion. This is the girl that nearly brought down the Vice Presidency because she felt bad about a random old lady getting run over by somebody else. Homegirl meant business."
Jessica: "Yes, it's been very hard."

Jessica: "...On me. Bricks through the window, not getting invited to tea parties by rich ladies anymore... I mean, my only friend in the DC inner circle got blown to hell. Who's inviting me for cocktails now? I'll tell ya. Nobody."
Therapist: "Yeah, we're done here. And please, please get your shit together."
Jessica: "Absolutely not. Good day."

Leo: "So when can I see you again?"
Dana: "Yeah, we're going to be under some pretty strict surveillance..."
Leo: "Your mom seems like a monster, that's true."
Dana: "No like actual surveillance. Like by the FBI. Remember?"
Leo: "Dude! I keep forgetting."

Paparazzi buzz, buzz, buzz. Welcome to your new life, same as the old life.


Director Berenson, via Scott Ryan, outlines the mission: Twenty minutes, starting tomorrow at 1950 EST, taking out six targets all over the globe, so they can't warn each other. It's audacious and kind of beautiful, but very much balanced on a razor's edge. It's also understood that this is even directly related to the 12/12 bombing at Langley, although the language is just slippery enough when they discuss it that you keep wondering.

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