Tin Man Is Down

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Admiral: "Can we talk about Nick Brody now? Technically this is related to him."
Saul: "Yeah, he has nothing to do with this? Because we don't know where he is."
Admiral: "Yeah, but like the President would love it if you could just find him also? Because America would be really happy then?"
Saul: "Yeah, Brody's the posterboy. I get that. But let's talk about the head of the snake now."

Beyond our reach for the time being, Majid Javadi -- a big part of Carrie's scrawlings as well, so that checks out -- is a commander with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and deputy minister of its intelligence directory. Last seen out and about in 1994, when Mossad accused him of a bombing in Buenos Aires that left 85 dead at a Jewish Community Center. He's also directly tied to the Mykonos assassinations (Germany 1992, four dead) and the Khobar Towers attack (Saudi Arabia, 1996; 520 casualties including 19 dead US servicemen). Saul went up against him in the 1970's when he worked for SAVAK, the Iranian secret police. His name then was "The Magician" because he was always making people disappear. (By killing them, you see.)

Admiral: "So you're saying he was the Shah's man before he was the Ayatollah's?"
Saul: "Yeah, and like Satan the whole way through. Anyway, the other six are his network he used to do the 12/12 bomb. Plus I guess Nick Brody, but we already talked about that. So can we get you to sign off on this?"
Admiral: "Maybe. I just like to see you squirm because we all know this is the last thing the CIA might ever do, so it better be super awesome either way."

Dar Adal: "We can't be seen hand-wringing in front of the National Security Advisor! Why are you such a pussy all the time? In the day, I would have put my foot on the chair between the Admiral's knees and done a deep knee-bend until he could smell my lunch on my breath right when I said The Magician. The Agency is really lacking in showmanship these days. That, and employees who don't fuck terrorists."
Saul: "I'm just sad that we have to pedeconference at our age. I wish I had an office. Listen, the Admiral's right. This op is still just a stepping stone to Majid Javadi."
Dar Adal: "First on the agenda is saying 'Majid Javadi' like a hundred million times, like we did Abu Nazir throughout the first two seasons. Jacob needs to learn to spell Majid Javadi and everybody watching the show needs to remember that the new bad guy is Majid Javadi, so make sure you say Majid Javadi all the time, okay?"

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