Tin Man Is Down

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Saul: "Not even Israel knows where Majid Javadi is, and those dudes keep pretty close tabs generally. Our own analysts think Majid Javadi died in 2005 when Ahmadinejad got elected and he was like, 'This place is shitty, but you know what? It could be shittier, let's kill everybody.' Remember that? What a dick."
Dar Adal: "Or maybe you're scared because this op is so intense and so you're trying to downplay its importance. Which I don't love, because that sort of implies in turn that Quinn is less awesome than he is, and that doesn't hit anybody's ear right. Six separate ops, on three different continents, with an untested C&C team, and a twenty-minute clock. Why are you talking about Majid Javadi when the only thing you should be saying is Who the fuck needs Viagra."

Saul: "Fine. And about Carrie, listen, she's been through a lot..."
Dar Adal: "No, she's just crazy and a liability. We don't have the privilege in this business to differentiate between ambushes and fuckups. Don't get ambushed, that's the rule. And if you do get ambushed, see above. Having a bad couple of months and being a complete trainwreck are not mutually exclusive. Look, just kill all these dudes and sell them on the threat of Majid Javadi so we get to keep our jobs. Because I don't know if you've noticed, but none of us are any good as people because we're just weapons designed to work at the CIA. No CIA, no us."


Dad: "Hey Carrie, I just noticed this big wall of crazy you have on your wall."
Carrie: "No big deal, it's just every Brody sighting for the last two months, connected with yarn. The more reliable ones, I mean, I'm not nuts. Lol!"
Dad: "Um, for sure? Are you not off your meds, obviously?"
Carrie: "Kind of. I'm kind of off my meds."
Dad: "How is that an option?"
Carrie: "Am I taking lithium, no. Am I doing yoga and drinking tea, yes."
Dad: "And also drinking tequila by the quart. Is that... Is this medically supervised? Because it sounds like something a bipolar person might come up with on a manic phase."
Carrie: "I read about it in the Journal of Alternative Medicine..."
Dad: "Not really a thing."
Carrie: "...And so basically it's doctor-supervised. In that there is a doctor..."
Dad: "Nope. Not a doctor."

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