Tower Of David

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But By The Dead Commended

Paul: "The hearing sounds nightmarish, so we both know you're here for a while. One of our partners would like to meet with you..."
Carrie: "Well, I'm clearly not going anywhere so I'm not sure I understand having a meeting about a meeting."
Paul: "I mean, get you out of here. Come to us. To see this partner. Free and clear. Whatever this is about, it's important enough that he sent me. In your position, I'd be paranoid, too..."

He smiles way too much; he knows the language too well.

Carrie: "You don't know shit about my position."
Paul: "You don't belong here. You're not crazy. All you want is to go home. Carrie, I'm on your side..."

It falls into the silence between them in the courtyard, like a silver pin.

Carrie: "That's it, that's the flag. You're working me."
Paul: "What do you mean?"
Carrie: "I am a case officer, bro. You're using my playbook. I was the best recruiter in the department and you know why? Because I was on their side. Every time."

Every asset we've seen was devoted to her; every asset we've seen died for her, eventually. But it's not untrue. She crouched in the walls of a soldier's house for the better part of the season, listening to every word and every stifled sob, and by the end of it she was in love.

Paul: "I swear this isn't like that."
Carrie: "I couldn't be more vulnerable right now. Obviously. You dangle any carrot, I'm going to bite. You think I'll give up, I'll turn. But you don't understand that I never will. You tell Syria, or Israel, or Iran -- whoever thinks I'm a good bet, your fucking 'client,' your 'partner' -- that Carrie Mathison will never go down like that. I would rather die in here."
Paul: "You're not seeing this clearly..."
Carrie: "What part am I wrong about? The part about me, or the part about you?"

Graham looks at him almost longingly. That belief, that still-going soldier part of him, after all this, still pushing. It's heartbreaking to see someone still believing they have a story left.

Brody: "I literally cannot do this. It's the hole, just like Iraq. I can't do it."
Graham: "One thing I know about you is that wherever you go, people die. But you tend to survival. Every time, have you noticed that? You're a cockroach, still there after the last nuclear bombs go off. You belong here."

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