Tower Of David

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But By The Dead Commended
Brody: "Then okay, but..."

Gravity always wins. You can fight, you can twist in the air, you can call out the names of your fathers and every good deed you ever performed. Won't help. She accepts us all into her embrace.

The thief goes over the edge, down into the bowels of the building; he doesn't know which one of them is screaming, or when it ends.

El Niño: "When we let people rob us, we tell them it's okay. The Tower falls, no problem. Except that you have a ten million dollar bounty on your evil head. If it's okay to steal, then it's certainly okay to tell other people what they see."

By the time Esme returns, he's out of bed again. Up and moving. He demands money, but she has no money. He demands her help. They don't get far.

El Niño: "It almost seems like ingratitude, this."
Brody: "No, not that. I just need to go. It is converging with every other hole. I was crazy once."
El Niño: "Then you'll die, probably immediately."
Brody: "That's not the threat you think it is."
El Niño: "Is this about that thief? I'm sorry about that. But you really need to understand your life right now. You think you have options that are not actually available to you."
Brody: "Does Carrie know I'm here?"
El Niño: "You know she's smarter than that. But even if she weren't, what are you suggesting? We give her a call? I could really use $10M and I don't care if you're alive or dead. But you need to stay alive, here, because that was the agreement. I won't let you escape, through death or anything else."

Graham: "You really don't understand this is the end of the line. I had to talk El Niño down, do you understand that?"

Brody: "This is not acceptable."
Graham: "On the contrary. You will be accepting it. Therefore, it's possible. How long that takes, and how bad it gets, is up to you. Don't go confusing the rest of us shades for friends, or for the living. If there were anyone here, there still wouldn't be anyone to save you."

"This is your home. It isn't easy to accept. Believe me, I know. It's not how you pictured yourself, you weren't planning this, there must be some mistake, and on and on. Those voices in your head are not your friends right now. You have to make them go away."

Diacetylmorphine is created by the acetylation of morphine, extracted from natural opium sources as far as back 3400 BCE Mesopotamia. A chemist in England synthesized it in 1874 and by 1900 Felix Hoffmann -- working for the company that is now called Bayer -- created heroin by accident, trying to make a weaker codeine and ending up with something twice as strong as morphine. They called it heroische.

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