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Yourself As The Good Guy
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After Brody lost it on Roya Hammad, only to come crawling back, her cool demeanor belied a plan to abduct him in a helicopter for a little bromance time with everybody's favorite terrorist -- who rather dubiously is just hanging out these days near our nation's capital, bringing lunatics tea and reminiscing about the good old days -- and without so much as a TTFN for Carrie and the rest of Team Quinn. Oh, and Carrie has asked her boys to look into Peter Quinn, because he is sketchy in some way she has intuited but doesn't yet have a color-blocked magic-marker strategy to decode.


Carrie: "So it's been twelve hours since he was abducted, and it only took Roya four of those to get her ass back on TV."
Team Quinn: "The intelligence community has little to offer, as well. This being the same intelligence community, of course, that hasn't noticed Abu Nazir wandering the countryside in a giant black nightmare helicopter."
Carrie: "My boyfriend is dead. If not physically, then at least operationally. We have to look at other plans."
Quinn: "Obviously we grab Roya Hammad. I will stab her through the hand no problem."
Saul: "Or Brody's fine, in which case grabbing Roya is a burn notice on him."
Carrie: "I love it when we say things like that. But yeah. I guess we should just almost, almost grab her and then he'll coincidentally call me right before we blow his cover, like is obviously going to happen, because that's what always happens."

Saul: "Hey, are you freaking out?"
Carrie: "Am I not always freaking out?"
Saul: "Is it because Brody is operationally dead, or um, the other one?"
Carrie: "I have never been more in the mood to watch Peter Quinn stab a hand."


Nazir: "It's been real, and it's been fun."
Brody: "Being a terrorist with you has been a highlight of a pretty shitty life, brother."
Nazir: "Do you think people at home will wonder what we talked about, since they didn't get to see it and you are the least reliable narrator to ever narrate a narrative?"
Brody: "A year ago when I did not blow myself up and everybody was asking how this show could possibly keep going, this is the kind of thing. Who knows if I am back to being your kind of crazy, or still a double-agent. Who knows, man."

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